Weekly Fitness– 03/17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you wearing green? I am. :-) Gotta represent that one side of me. How did everyone do this week? I didn’t stick to my schedule as planned but I still got out there and moved so I’m happy. I also worked on cleaning up my eats and did pretty good with that. I need to work on that even more.

Last Week

Monday: Legs, short run
Monday was the first work day after DST and when I left work it was so beautiful out I decided to skip my planned workout and run outside. I haven’t run outdoors in so long and it felt amazing. I wore my new running tights, CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Running Tights, and did 3.45 miles. I wore the tights once before but it was in the gym and I definitely got way too hot way too quickly, they felt super constricting when I wasn’t running, and I just wanted them off. Fortunately I had another pair of pants in my gym bag and I threw them on to finish my strength workout. I wanted to try wearing them outside before I decided if I needed to exchange them or not. I’m keeping them. They kept me warm (when I started running it was about 58 and when I finished around 45 so it cooled down really quickly) and let me tell you, nothing moves in these bad boys. I bought them because they are supposed to help stabilize your knees, IT band, and core. The only thing jiggling was my ass and there’s not much I can do about that 😉 The only thing I didn’t like was I felt they slipped down so the stabilizing parts that are supposed to surround your knee would fall down. I was still sore after the run (which isn’t surprising considering it’s been foreva since I’ve run that far) but the next morning I felt better than I normally do. This is a long winded way of saying I suggest trying them and I’ll probably get the crop version for when the weather warms up. You can visit the CW-X website to find which pair of leggings would work best for you. (CW-X has no idea who I am and I’m not being compensated, I just like to share good products) (for reference- I got a large and they are soooo tiny it’s funny to imagine them going on my body. I have to really really pull and do a lot of weird maneuvers to get into them but once they’re on, they fit)

Tuesday: Barre
Another absolutely gorgeous day so I skipped barre and ran outside again. I wanted to get in 3-4 miles but about a half mile in my legs just weren’t feeling it. So I finished the mile at a steady state and then did the return mile a little different. I ran hard for 20 seconds and walked for 10 seconds the whole way back. It kept things interesting and my legs didn’t feel sluggish anymore. Then I did some squats and lunges outside and got some weird looks from people driving by.

Wednesday: Push, medium run
I had a junior league meeting after work that I forgot about so I didn’t get to the gym. I did waste some time at the mall trying jeans on at Express. I haven’t been able to fit into their clothes for years and I was curious how their jeans have changed. I fit into a size 12 there and at Loft I’m closer to a size 10. I tried on Express’s boyfriend jeans which were comical. They are supposed to be loose in the legs, yes? Well not on my thunder things. They were sooooo loose in the waist and tight in the legs. They looked fine but fit horribly. I also tried on their skinny jeans which is like a straight fit. I found a pair I liked and was tempted to get them but smartly decided they were not a necessity, especially at $80. So I’ll wait until they fit better.

Thursday: Pull, medium run
I wasn’t really feeling a run today so instead I did my all time favorite workout. It’s more of a full body workout which is what I was looking for. I did the Awesome August Workout from the Fitnessista. I always feel amazing after getting it done and I like that I can track how much I am lifting each time I do it and how quickly I am able to finish the 400 meter run. When I first did the workout it took me around 5 minutes to do the 400. It took me about 2.5 minutes to do it this time. I don’t remember what I was lifting before, but this time I did 12.5 for the first two rounds (because the 15’s were missing) and 15 for the last round when the weights magically showed up. I highly suggest you give this one a try. You can easily modify the moves for what you need. For example, there wasn’t a free bench or space to do tricep dips this time so I did tricep extensions while sitting on a ball.

Friday: Full body, medium/long run
Again, I didn’t feel like running and I really didn’t feel like being at the gym. So I hopped on the treadmill out of habit and started walking. As usual, walking got boring so I decided to run hard for 400 meters and a quick walk for 400 meters about 5 times. Then I discovered the yoga room at the gym was empty so I did a ballet barre routine (ballet barre not barre class) and stretched for about 45 minutes. It felt amazing. You might have seen some stretches if you follow me on instagram.

Weekend: Long run
I got in about 4 miles. It was a slow 4 miles. I lost a lot of my endurance and my run coach is making up a new schedule for me since I’m not on the former schedule.

This Week

I have no idea lol. I’ll probably wing it and get some runs in.

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  1. I’m wearing my green today too :) 50% Irish and proud of my heritage, even if our holiday mainly promotes drinking.

    Anyway, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked last week with my fitness, looks like you had a great week! I should outline my workouts more to keep track. Also, you are looking amazing!

    • I had an entire month of not doing as well as I wanted to and noticed I was trying to convince myself that I was fine where I was body wise. Realizing I was lying to myself made me realize I needed to get back to moving! Thanks for the sweet comments, Katie! You’re looking amazing as well :-)

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