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You all know Becky. She’s my bff, fellow tall girl, and usually my guidance counselor. We have a lot in common but think differently. She calms me down and I calm her down in our own weird ways of thinking. Anyhoodles, we go on monthly girl dates and this month we went to Mixto in Philadelphia. If you follow me on Instagram, you know all of this already.

We picked Mixto for a few reasons. 1) We love Mexican food 2) our first two choices weren’t available 3) this came up as a place recommended for those who wanted to go to those other two restaurants 4) it’s downtown. I am so glad Mixto popped up on the recommended list because it was soooo yummy. Mixto is located in Gayborhood on Pine St. so it was kind of difficult to find a spot but we lucked out with someone pulling out of a spot right in front of us. There are plenty of parking lots and it’s a great neighborhood to walk around so don’t be afraid to park far away.

First, we spent a good ten minutes after arriving at the restaurant taking tons of pictures of each other to post on Instagram. We kept passing each other’s phones back and forth… I’m glad I’m not alone in wanting pictures of everything. Oh, but this was after it took us about 20 minutes longer than it should have getting there because it was St. Patty’s Day Saturday and downtown was packed… yeah, didn’t think about that. Side note, it was really funny driving home the next morning and seeing all the hungover kiddies in their St. Patty’s day bar crawl outfits waiting at Septa stops for the bus.

Moving on… we were really pleased with Mixto’s menu. There were a lot of choices and everything sounded amazing which is wonderful but really makes choosing what to get difficult. Guess I’ll just have to go back…


For appetizers, because we were incapable of choosing just one, we got the chicken empanadas and maduro relleno (plantain topped with beef and cheese). Both were delicious. I love plantains but these were a little too sweet for me (like bananas, I prefer my plantains not quite ripe) so the empanadas definitely won.

(sorry, taken with my iphone so the lighting isn’t the best)

For entrees we actually got the same thing except mine was chicken and her’s was shrimp. Guess what? We both loved our entrees. K ate some leftovers and loved it too so it’s a winner all around. I got the Arroz con Pollo Cubano and Becky got the Arroz con Camarones.

(sorry B, it’s the only dessert shot I had)

So this was like heaven on a plate. I haven’t had many tres leches cakes so for now in my opinion Mixto has the best one. We both ate this so slowly and savored each bite. It was moist and sweet and light and heavenly.

Want to see what we wore? Gotta dress up for your girl date after all.


I absolutely love this dress from Loft. I always feel so put together and it’s easily dressed up or down. It’s thick enough to hide bumps and lumps but light enough that I’ll be able to wear it as the weather warms up. I also love the little cap sleeves. And you always feel amazing in anything that your boyfriend looks you up and down then says you look good, really good. I’ve worn it with a black blazer, tights, and booties but tonight I went with a black leather jacket and wedges.


Becky got that awesome jacket from H&M. It jumped out at me on the rack because it’s ugly and I love ugly things. It wasn’t my size and I wasn’t looking to spend money so she snatched it. And I shall borrow it. She funked it up with printed pants and her awesome metallic heels that I also want to steal but are too small for me. She got them at Target a while ago and I can’t find them online.

Aaaaand I just discovered Mixto does brunch. Perfect.

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