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Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse

I thought it would be fun for me and for you if I kept a diary of my Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse.  Originally I was just going to do the typical update at the end of the cleanse, but since it’s 10AM on Day 1 and I’m already hungry and questioning my sanity, I decided a diary would be best. I’m numbering and labeling the entries as they are in the cleanse packet. Random time entries will be added if I feel a little crazy ;-) If you want to just skip the diary like entries and read my overall thoughts on the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse, skip to the bottom.

(disclaimer: I am NOT a Beachbody coach and I really don’t care if you buy this or not… I wanted to record this for myself and for anyone thinking of doing it.  I’m not going to link to any coach because I’m sure we all know one. However, if you don’t or would like my coach’s information please let me know.)

Monday Day 1

1. Upon Waking: well, I’m hungry like I normally am when I wake up. And of course I woke up late like I normally do. Jump in shower, run around like crazy person, remember I have to drink 8-10oz of water. Thankfully I filled up a water bottle and left it right next to my bed so I wouldn’t forget. Chug bottle. I weighed myself at work because, long story, that’s where my scale was. I kind of think the number is inflated a little, but I’m going with it. I’ve thought a lot about posting my actual weight here and the truth is I’m not comfortable with that and really, the number shouldn’t matter. But I know people are interested in knowing how much weight you can lose on this so I’ll be putting an X in place of the middle number. Starting weight: 1X1.6

2. Breakfast: planned on half a banana blended with greenberry Shakeology (my first time trying this flavor) and water/ice. Put everything in my Bella blender (one of those personal sized blender cup things) and just like I thought, the water leaked. Now I’m rushing to clean up so my Mom doesn’t kill me. I probably didn’t do a good enough job. So now I’m late, rushed, frustrated, and starting a cleanse. Good attitude to begin with. The combo is kind of gross but I power through. It helps to drink it through a straw and shove the straw as far back in your mouth as you can. Dirty minds can giggle here.

Optional: Morning Tea: I’m not much of a tea drinker and not feeling it. I am having coffee on the cleanse. I’m not addicted and can go without, I just like it as part of my morning routine. I didn’t add as much sugar and cream as I normally would and I’m only having a few sips. It’s 10AM when I start thinking about having tea because I am hungry. Fill up water glass instead and wait until 11 when I’ll have the Fiber Sweep. (I keep a Copco water cup at work and drink a lot throughout the day. The cup is 24 oz and I normally fill it 4-5 times throughout the day so I’m not worried about getting in my water for the cleanse!)

3. Mid-Morning Fiber Sweep: well, definitely not as bad as I was anticipating. Btw, I’m hungry. I’ve done the Advocare cleanse quite a few times and the fiber drinks are enough to make you want to quit. They are naaaasty. The Shakeology fiber sweep drink had a slight citrus flavor, but not overwhelming. And it wasn’t as grainy as the Advocare drink is. I got it down no problem. Did I mention I’m hungry?

11:40: this is my third time peeing in 2.5 hours and I have a headache. I really want some Peanut Butter.

4. Lunch: Don’t get jealous, but my lunch was 1 c of sliced cucumbers (grown in my garden so at least that’s cool), 3 cherry tomatoes, and 2 tbsp hummus. I have to say 2 tbsp hummus was more than I thought it would be. For lunch you are supposed to have 1 veggie serving and 1 healthy fat. I cheated a little because 1c cucumbers is 1 serving but I really wanted tomatoes so I threw in 3 small ones. I’m really trying to slowly eat my lunch so I’m not done in 2 minutes and can savor it slowly. hahahaha. Actually, you eat a surprising amount in the afternoon. You have 1 serving fruit (peach), vanilla fresh blended in 10 oz water (disgusting; you can blend your fruit in your shake but I thought having mine separate would be like a dessert… plus I don’t have a blender at work so I’m using a blender bottle) and the stuff I mentioned before. Then you have an afternoon snack at least an hour later. I’ve had my shake and cucumber/tomato/hummus and I’m feeling pretty full so I’m going to wait a bit to have my peach.

5. Afternoon Snack: I made my lunch last an hour and really I was quite full.  That nasty Vanilla Fresh drink really fills you up.  I had my afternoon snack at 3:15 and I learned I don’t like to eat that much raw red pepper at once so I switched to cherry tomatoes after a few bites. I had that with half an avocado. Probably more avocado than I was supposed to eat but I really didn’t feel like measuring it. Slight headache and I don’t feel very satisfied after my snack. I want a Triscuit.

6. Dinner: I left the food I bought for dinner at work so that was a real bummer. By the time I got to my kitchen at 6:30 I was ravenous and shaking. I had planned to save the Vanilla Fresh for later in the evening to curb my bedtime hunger, but I chugged that shit down right away. Then I scrounged for something that could fit into one of the prescribed dinner recipes. There were lots of thoughts about how I would just not finish the cleanse and promising myself to just eat better. Then I reminded myself I had only 2 days left and told myself to get over it. I went to bed early so I wouldn’t be tempted to snack but at 10pm I couldn’t take it anymore and I cheated with 5 strawberries. And they were the best damn strawberries of my life.

Tuesday Day 2

1. Upon Waking: Surprisingly I didn’t wake up starving like I normally do. Musta been those strawberries ;-) Not waking up starving has given me the strength to continue eating next to nothing rabbit food. I chugged my water again. I brought my scale home so I could weigh in here and I am apparently down 4 pounds and I haven’t even pooped yet. Day 2 weight: 1Y7 (changing that X to a Y to indicate a new number)

2. Breakfast: Had another nasty Shakeology with water and half a banana. I seriously don’t know how people love this shit so much. I’m also cheating again with strawberries. I have physical therapy at 11:45 which means I can’t eat lunch at my normal 12 and probably won’t be able to until 1. So I’m having a few strawberries around 11:30 to help.

3. Mid-Morning: This Fiber Sweep really isn’t bad. I prefer it to Advocare and it is by far the best tasting drink out of the whole cleanse. Btw, TMI coming: I pooped this morning before the fiber sweep and let me tell you, it was a good poop.

4. Lunch: I finally got to eat lunch around 1 and I am happy to say I wasn’t famished, but I was definitely hungry. I had 6 spears of asparagus just quickly nuked in the microwave with a teeeeeeny bit of water. It’s my favorite way to quickly steam fresh veggies. With that I also cheated. Okay, before you judge I’m going to tell you how I cheated and why. I had 1 tbsp peanut butter as opposed to 1 tsp almond butter because pb is what I had and who the hell can be satisfied with only 1 tsp of anything!? I also had a whole banana instead of half because it was small and I do not enjoy starving. Why I cheated? I’ll go more into it in my thoughts at the bottom of this really long post but I feel it is important to listen to your body and my body was saying the food wasn’t enough. I didn’t go overboard, as you can see, and I’m sure the sugar in the pb wasn’t a good idea. But I felt good after, not stuffed full, not starving, I felt just right.

5. Afternoon Snack: I am writing this at 4pm and I still haven’t had my snack. So my lunch decisions were good. Booyah! I leave work at 5:30 so I am going to try and have my snack as late as possible so I can push dinner back as late as possible. (I ate it at about 4:45)

6. Dinner: I wasn’t as ravenous as I was yesterday, but I was definitely hungry. I had the broccoli, cauliflower, carrots combo dinner and it wasn’t bad. I managed to wait to have the Vanilla Fresh drink until around 8pm and I still needed to have a few strawberries before bed so I wasn’t trying to eat the mattress in the middle of the night. I have a confession: I had 4 tator tots and I don’t feel guilty. So there! My Dad had made burgers and tots and he didn’t know I was on this cleanse so he so nicely put one aside for me on a plate. And the smell was too strong and I caved.

Wednesday Day 3

1. Upon Waking: I actually woke up at 5:45 wide awake (a result from going to bed so early to keep me from eating and because this cleanse leaves me exhausted) but I forced myself to go back to sleep because I didn’t want to mess up my eating schedule and end up binging at the end of the night. I drank the water and weighed myself. 1Y6 (-1 from Day 2 and -5 overall).

2. Breakfast: I did chocolate Shakeology instead of the greenberry with just water and it wasn’t too bad. I still don’t see how people love this stuff. I ate my banana when I got to work. It’s now 11:13 and I’m hungry.

3. Mid-Morning: Unfortunately I forgot the Fiber Sweep at home and instead grabbed two of the Vanilla Fresh packets. I think the fiber drink might have helped keep me satisfied until lunch. I’ll just drink the fiber as soon as I get home.

4. Lunch: Today I had what I had for dinner last night. I wanted to switch it up so I made enough to have for lunch today. I’m also having an apple, cinnamon, and pb. The fruit and fat portions of my lunch have become like a dessert to me and I’d like to continue thinking of them that way. I ate at 12:15 and I was pretty darn hungry.

5. Afternoon Snack: I was actually pretty hungry for my snack today and I had it around 4. I had to force myself to wait until 4. I’m starting to crave McDonalds.

6. Dinner: I stopped at Barnes and Noble on my way home and I was a bit worried how that was going to affect my eating. I roasted asparagus for dinner and when I put the 8 spears on my plate I laughed at how pathetic it was. I had the vanilla shake and cheated again with a few strawberries before bed. I would say in terms of my hunger, this was the easiest day.

Thursday Day 4 Weigh In: 1Y5.6 Overall weightloss is 6 pounds

Overall Thoughts

I have to admit that my overall thoughts changed a lot from day 1 to now. On day 1 I wanted to shoot myself and anyone in sight. I was crabby, hungry, cloudy, and had a headache. I guess that’s to be expected considering I had a giant piece of lasagna and garlic bread the night before. If you want to reduce those feelings, prepare for the cleanse by eating healthier for about a week before. By the last day completing the cleanse became less about the possible rewards, and more about just completing something.

On the first day I definitely thought that this was going to help, that I was going to continue craving all my foods, and that I’d just gain everything back right away. While all of that really does remain to be seen, you can see in my diary entries that I went from including a craving in every entry to not even mentioning them. Sure, I still dream of donuts but I feel fine without it.

While I do believe this cleanse has taught me a few things, I don’t believe it is the best option for everyone. First, there isn’t a graduated plan. By that I mean it is a one size fits all plan and that’s just not the case. Someone who is bigger and used to eating a lot more is really going to struggle on the rabbit food and portions and is more likely to find failure than success. One of the things I like about the 21-Day Fix program is that you find the proper amount you should be eating based on your weight and other factors. I know there is a big difference between a 3-day and 21-day program and that really anyone should be able to do just 3 days of a restricted diet, but reality says otherwise. This is not for the faint of heart.

I also found that I had to really work to make the plan work for me, and that’s fine. I have the knowledge and wherewithal to do that. But someone who struggles with such decisions and is possibly suffering from an eating disorder will not be able to do this. For example, you’ll see on Day 2 I added fruit as a mid-morning snack because my lunch schedule was changing that day. It’s a simple change but it goes off plan. I could have easily gone way off plan by choosing a different snack or suffered the consequences of not adding that snack. I knew that was the best decision for me and I wish the plan had suggestions on what to do if you need to go off plan a bit.

Another time I found myself having to go off plan was at night. Yes, I’m certain I could have survived without my nighttime strawberries, but would I have been able to sleep? And would not being able to sleep lead to me going way off plan and binging? I felt adding the nighttime snack was the best decision to ensure my success. Again, strawberries isn’t way off plan but I have the capability to make a good decision.

What I did like about the program is that it is really easy to follow. I find the Advocare cleanse severely lacking in direction and support. They send you the kit and you have to search for what to eat. Even as a distributor of the product I don’t receive much support on what to eat and what to tell clients. The Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse sends you everything in a really easy to use box with an informational packet. I really can’t stress enough how easy they make it.

It has taught me that I don’t need to eat as much to feel satisfied and that an apple or banana with peanut butter (another off-plan choice) and cinnamon is a great dessert. It taught me a lot about my own eating needs. The plan has you eating a little bit in the morning and night and a lot for lunch/afternoon snack. I’ve learned that I need bigger breakfasts and dinners with smaller lunches. It’s also reiterated to me that I do best when I have a small snack in between each meal so I was really missing my mid-morning snack.

The Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse has encouraged me to continue my better eating. On Day 1 this is a list of foods I wanted to celebrate the end of the cleanse with on Thursday: triscuits (I really don’t know where that craving came from), a homemade egg mcmuffin, bagel and cream cheese, donut, and lasagna. Let’s just call that a bit of a carb obsessions. Yes, I still want to celebrate with all those foods but the cleanse has really driven home that eating all of that in one day will leave me feeling like a bloated mess. And being a bloated mess is why I went on the cleanse in the first place.

So for a condensed version of my overall thoughts: yes, you can complete this cleanse as written. You will absolutely 100% struggle that first day but I promise you each day gets easier and easier. Plus it’s only 3 days so suck it up (that’s what I kept telling myself). You might have to adjust things to make the cleanse better work for you but I believe if you stick to choices that’s on the list already and maybe just make one or two small changes, you will still see success. Shakeology is still gross but bearable for 3 days. And the fiber drink from the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse is much much much better than the fiber drinks for Advocare.

Would I do it again?

Probably, but only if I see myself maintaining my weight loss after this first cleanse.

Weekly Fitness– 07/14

Hey friends, have a nice weekend? I went and saw BRUNO MARS! Um hands down one of the best concerts I’ve been to. My Mom and I drove to Hershey and spent the night to see him. Word of warning… you might have to park 5,000 miles away from the stadium and walk. We were not expecting that!


(don’t forget to add your neon looks to triple threat!)

We stopped at Intercourse, PA on our way and had a really nice time.   The weather was perfect for strolling around and checking out all the little shops.  My Mom did plenty of Mennonite horse watching.  I told her she was going to have to start hiding behind bushes so she can stare without being noticed!  I also had the most obscene sausage sandwich.  Intercourse, PA you devil.


Last week I have to admit I didn’t do much in the fitness department and it’s showing in my body. I lost focus and motivation again. Any way to bottle that up and release a little when I need it? My knee has been really bothering me and since I don’t know the cause, I don’t know how to treat it best. And I am definitely not doing as much as I could to help it. I think lots of yoga and gentle strength exercises will help so I really need to work on that.

I did return to my basement to work out and that felt good. I really need to fall in love with working out at home so I can cancel that expensive gym membership. I pretty much have all I need down there but I’d love to add a few kettlebells and a 10 and 12lb weight set.


How did you all do this week?

PS: As a blog assistant I am introduced to so many bloggers that have amazing talents.  One of my bloggers is a blogging whiz and introduced me to CoSchedule.  Have you all heard of it?  AMAZING.  I started using it through my blogger’s blog to schedule her posts and social media shoutouts through a plugin on WordPress.  Now I am using it for my own blog and loving it.  Give it a try, friends.  You get a 2 week trial period!

Weekly Fitness– 6/30

(warning, photo overload!)

Good morning friends! How is your day going so far? I hope it’s a short week for you! Stock market closes at 1pm Wednesday so I just took the whole day off. 5 day weekend for me!!!

This past weekend was so much fun and so busy. I’m well-known to be a homebody so it was quite shocking to my Mom how much I had packed in to this weekend.

Friday I took the train after work to New York where I met my brother’s girlfriend to go to the JCrew Sample Sale. I can now check that experience off my bucket list. It was really cool but the sale had been going on for a few days so things were pretty picked over. We still managed to each buy one dress.

After that Andrea and I walked to Eataly and took in all the food for sale. It was a mad house in there and I was carrying around an obnoxious bookbag so after placing a reservation at the Pizza and Pasta restaurant we went outside to wait for my brother… the wait for the restaurant was 90 minutes! Next time we know to make a reservation earlier.

11-034 10-036





We each got fresh made pasta and they were all so delicious. And we of course topped off the evening with a nutelle crepe that we shared.



The next day we went to Smourgasburg which is a giant outdoor food festival with awesome views of Manhattan. We each got different foods and I also got a gnarly sunburn. From there we took a ferry to Midtown and walked about 12 blocks to Penn Station. Thank goodness Sean was carrying my book bag or I would not have survived. Thanks brother!


thanks to this random guy for pointing out the sign




Good thing I got some moves in this week after all that food we ate! Although all the walking we did definitely helped counteract the food. Andrea said they provide exercise with their visits!

After NYC I babysat for my coworker and saw their gorgeous new house they just finished building! After babysitting I went to Ken’s where I passed out. I was in and out of consciousness for about an hour while Ken was watching TV and listening to music. I remember hearing random noises and waking up to ask what it was. Sunday we took our friends that just got married out to brunch at Cake in Germantown where I had the most delicious french toast. I headed home around 3:30… woah big weekend!

Monday: this would have been my second aerial yoga class but I had a junior league meeting
Tuesday: Workout 2 of the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up! It was a doozy. I actually wasn’t feeling all that well so I modified a lot. But I still got it done!
Wednesday: did some light walking at the gym
Thursday: I was feeling a strong urge to get outside so I went to Mercer County Park where the half Ironman is being held in Princeton in the fall. I intended to do a paved path run but I walked towards the wrong path and ended up running in a wooded trail which turned out to be much better. My knee has been bothering me lately and it was super sunny out so the soft ground and shady trees was just what I needed. Plus I love trail running so I can be Katniss and a wood nymph.

Friday/Weekend: went to New York and walked soooo much!

How was your fitness this week? Do anything exciting this weekend? What are your 4th plans? I’m going to Rachel’s to watch fireworks on Thursday and I have no idea what I’ll actually be doing on Friday.

P.S. I still can’t eat corn. Not even 5 minutes after eating half an ear of corn and I’m violently ill. Update your notes about me: Jacquelyn can’t eat corn.


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