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Pin to Present: Honey Mustard Chicken Stir Fry

Good morning! Today I have a pin to present dinner (or lunch) for you. I wanted to do a non-outfit pin to present this week and we had a giant zucchini from the garden needing to be cooked so I searched on Pinterest for a new sauteing recipe.
(interested in an outfit pin to present? Here is chambray with a pink pencil skirt, a striped top with a coral patterned skirt, and a striped top with a teal pencil skirt!)


Image from FoodFaithFitness
Recipe from Whole Yum

I’m still working on my food photography so I apologize. Despite the lackluster photos, this dinner was incredibly easy and tasty. Her recipe doesn’t say how many it serves (or I just missed that detail) but I knew I was cooking double the amount of chicken and vegetables so I doubled the marinade too and it turned out fine. My meal includes zucchini, patty pan squash, and green beans because that’s what my garden gave me.

What have you been making lately? Lucky for you all Anne was kind enough to volunteer to write a pin to present post and I believe it will be recipe! Linking up on Anne’s blog today!

Favorite Workout Gear

I’ve had the same workout pants for at least 10 years. Capris I got at Old Navy and never found anything I liked as much again. I recently became aware of how, um shabby, they look and realized I need to devote a good portion of my clothing budget to updating my activewear. Once I bought a few new pairs of pants, I realized my tops needed to be updated too. Of course. Champagne taste, right? Below are a few of my favorite items and some wishlist items.

As someone with a long body, belly and boobs it is often hard for me to find a workout tank that stays put and is long enough for me. This one from Target works perfectly and looks great on! I actually got told a few times at the gym that I had lost weight and I hadn’t; I think it was just that this top was more flattering. They tend to go on sale or deals so keep a look out and snap them up!

Another problem for me are my legs. They are bigger than my waist and I have found this pair from Athelta to fit pretty well. I also have a pair from Lululemon (they are ankle length capris on me) and I like the Athleta pair better. Best part, Athleta is part of Gap and Old Navy so you can use and accumulate your credit card points there too! I ended up getting these pants and sports bra for free from my points (I also had a coupon)!

Looking for a new workout? Check out this hip strengthening routine. Doesn’t require a gym and really easy to do!

Target Long Tank
Athelta High Rise Chaturanga Capri
Asics Sneaker
Athleta Sports Bra
Athleta Hoodie
Mesh Headband
White Tote
Water Bottle

Hip Exercises

I never gave much thought to my hips and the fact that they are a muscle and need to be strengthened. Apparently, though, I have weak hips and they are the cause of my knee and hip (go figure) pain. Most of my time in physical therapy last year was spent working on my hip strength and I saw such a difference in the lack of pain I felt while running and sitting all day. Of course, as always, I slacked on my physical therapy exercises and my hips started bothering me again. Annoyed at myself I have revowed to doing the exercises at least three times a week and I’m slowly starting to feel the pain go away again. I thought I’d share the exercises with you all in case you too have never thought to workout your hips. For your eyes health, I will not be demonstrating the moves. I searched the internet far and wide for appropriate examples. And if I didn’t know a technical term for the exercises, I gave them really fancy terms.

(Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Do your own research! Any tips I give are what my PT told me!)

Exercise Ball Hip Bridges

I normally start off with simple hip bridges because I read once that’s a really good thing to warm up with after sitting all day. With these bridges you want to focus on using your hips and low, low back, not your middle or upper back. You shouldn’t be forcing your rear high off the ground. I am really flexible in my back and I stay pretty low to the ground during these and focus on using the right areas.

Image source and exercise explanation from Popsugar

I typically do these with my legs on an exercise ball so that my legs form a 90 degree angle. I focus on using my core to keep me from wiggling. Then I’ll remove the ball and do the bridges again on one leg.

Exercise Ball Leg Curl

Sticking with the ball next up are leg curls. These are killer! I start with the ball farther down on my legs near my ankles than the example shows. Again, I am focusing on my core the entire time to keep from wiggling. I am also making sure not to arch my back. The example has you raising your hips off the ground even more as you curl but I keep my hips stationary. I mean, this woman is seriously high up on her shoulders! I wouldn’t progress to this move until you can do the exercise ball hip bridges without wiggling.

Image source and exercise explanation from Popsugar

Elastic Band Side Walks

This is probably my favorite exercise to do because I can really feel it working. If I’m too lazy or don’t have time for anything else (I always have time; I’m just lazy) I make sure to get these in. All you need is an elastic band. I have tried using the resistance bands when I forget my elastic band. They work, but they aren’t as good and they aren’t easy to tie. I got mine from my PT but I found these on Amazon that will probably work well.


Image source and exercise explanation from Popsugar

When I do these, I don’t look like I’m pooping. I keep my legs in a pretty normal walking position rather than bent the entire time like the example says to do. Experiment with where you put the band. Different positions will provide different resistance.

Elastic Band Kicks in a Cross

This is when knowing a technical term would come in handy. I’ll try to explain. Take an elastic band and tie off a loop at either end of the band. Wrap one end around something sturdy and pull the band through the loop. Slide your right foot in the other loop.

Step forward until you feel a slight resistance; the more resistance the harder it is. Face away from the sturdy object and gently kick your leg forward about ankle height keeping your leg straight. Return to normal standing. Do this 10-12 times. Turn your body to the right and kick your leg across your body at ankle height with a straight leg. You always want to be pulling away from the sturdy object. Again, 10-12 times. Turn to the right again so you’re now facing the object and kick to the back following the same instructions. Turn to the right one last time and kick your leg to the right away from the object. Repeat the entire thing with your left foot. Below is an example of kicking your leg across your body. I think it’s from 1978 😉

Image source

Some gyms have a cable machine you can do this on but I wouldn’t add any weight to it. I’ll try to record a video of me doing this at some point.


You can do these flat on the ground, on a stair, or on an aerobics step. Stand with your toes facing forward on the edge of the step and your heels hanging off (or flat on the ground). Using a support (it’s a support, not a lean. My dance teacher always told us to think of the barre as our partner; he wouldn’t appreciate you hanging on and pulling on him) tighten your core and rise up on your toes with straight legs. If you are on a step, as you lower allow your heels to go lower than the step. Keep your entire body in a straight line and do not bend your knees at all during this exercise. You pull up on your thighs, keep a tight core, and squeeze your cheeks.

Image source

Squats & Lunges

If you’re pain free, one of my best exercises are squats and lunges. You can use an exercise ball against the wall for support during your squats. I found that lunges really bothered my side hip pain when I would bring my back foot up to meet my front foot but not when my front foot would step back to meet my back foot. You could also hold on to a chair for support during lunges just be sure not to hang on the chair.


Image source and exercise explanation

I would advise against holding weights until you feel stable. I’d also advise on wearing a shirt.


Another great exercise all around. My PT had me do these three ways. The first is while laying flat on your stomach, pull your stomach in real tight without rounding your back. Try to make the move as minimal as possible, all you want to do is pull your stomach in. That’s it.

The second is to progress up to your elbows. With your elbows at a 90 degree angle, pull your stomach in. Your legs are still flat on the ground. Do not pop up on your knees. Your entire leg, thighs down to your toes, is on the ground. Again, do not round your back. Keep your shoulders away from your ears. It’s kind of similar to cobra in yoga, which is the closest image I could find. In this image her back is really arched. You want to focus more on sucking your pelvis and stomach in and less on creating an arch.

The third is your typical plank on either hands or elbows. With plank, no matter the variation, your hands should not be in prayer position and your shoulders should stay away from your ears.

Image source

I do each exercise about 10-12 times for 3 rounds. I also throw in your basic crunches and sit ups here and there. If you have an questions, let me know! And again, not a medical professional or exercise professional or any kind of professional. Just a girl with some hips.

Emails will go out next week about guest posting. More information can be found here.

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