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Are you twins? No, I just met her.

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So I have this cousin. Well, actually, I have a lot of cousins. But I’m talking about one in particular. You might have heard her. Meet Emily. photo 1 (she’s going to kill me for that picutre lol)

Apparently we look alike. photo 3 (our most recent picture together, sorry it’s blurry… bar+iphone=blur)

Yeah, we see it. But not to the point that other people do. photo 2

The other night we were at Target walking along minding our own business when some woman turns around, does a double take, and says really loudly “You all twins?” We smile and say no. “Oooh, really? You all sisters?” Again, no. She just continues to stare at us so I finally say we’re cousins. Then she goes on screaming about how much we look alike and she knew we were related. And that’s nothing new. We get it all.the.time. Another time we went into a pizza shop and the girl ringing us up goes “I’m sorry I just have to say you two are the most beautiful set of twins I have ever seen.” We laugh, thank her, then tell her we’re not twins. Again, we went through the sister and cousin speech. Almost any time we are together we get asked if we’re twins or sisters. awk

I never thought much about it and we’re normally pretty amused by it. Sometimes we like to confuse people by telling them different stories or I’ll say “yeah we’re twins but I’m 4 years older” and that usually makes them stop and think. But Emily pointed out after Target lady freaked out that it is really weird to ask us this. She said if she saw people that looked like twins she wouldn’t ask them because she’d either assume they were or that they were related in some way. And it made me realize that she’s right. I have never once asked people if they were twins and I’ve never seen anyone ask someone if they were twins. I think the only time I’ve seen it done is with babies but definitely not with adults. So why us? 010 And more importantly, why are people so comfortable asking such questions? I’ve been told by non-Americans that Americans feel very free to ask whatever they want whereas where they come from no one would ask those questions. Like when you hear someone with a British accent and you ask where they’re from. I never thought it was rude until it was pointed out to me that it kind of us. Some pregnant woman don’t want you asking when you’re due, how many you’ve got in there, and if you can touch they’re belly. Anyway, I digress.

Emily and I decided that we’re going to mess with people from now on and we’ll switch up every so often what our answers will be. Right now we’re going to say “nooo… I just met her.” 020 (from a few years ago when I chopped all my hair off)

coming soon

Guess what? August is in 2 weeks! Umm… yeah. I thought I’d take my new favorite monthly series and turn it into a link up! On August 1 I will be sharing the strange ways people get to my blog and I invite you to do the same! Here is last month’s post. Button coming soon!

Best Response?

I can’t be the only one that sends the same text to multiple people, can I?

Today I sent the same text to three people: the boy, the friend, and the cousin.  I got three very different responses.  You be the judge on which is the best.  😉

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Mid-January Catch Up

Hi all!  It’s the middle of January… I know, I can’t believe it either… so I thought I’d check in on myself and see how I’m doing with my January goals.

I signed up for a 5k!  On April 28 I will be running in the Bridge Valley Trailblazer Race for Autism 5k. Cousins Emily and Lauren are joining me and we’re looking for more to join in the fun! I am super excited, and scared, about this!  To celebrate my first 5k I have decided to raise money for Libertae, a residential facility in Bensalem, PA for women battling substance abuse.  They and their children live on campus and receive treatment to make the transition easier.  They learn how to be a better mother, get a job, and live substance-free.  I started volunteering there before moving and thought this would be a nice way of continuing to give.  My goal is $1000, please help!  You can read more about my story and donate by clicking here. (Thank you to Eileen for making the first donation!)

I have completed 1 week of the Couch to 5k program.  My goal is to finish the first 2 weeks in January.  Even though I still have time I am disappointed at myself for not completing this already.  I really need to get my ass in gear now that I am officially registered!

Totally had a healthy dinner party!  Party of 2!

All the ingredients in the rice cooker!

Megan came over and I cooked her a vegan meal.  She asked if I could handle vegan when I invited her over and I thought, girl I can handle anything!  We had delicious rice and beansin the rice cooker my brother got me for Christmas (hands down one of THE best gifts ever), homemade salsa which turned out pretty good despite it not being tomato season, and Megan brought yummy guac and tortillas.

Finished product!

It was so nice to sit back with a bottle of wine and catch up.  Definitely have to do this again!

Well, I didn’t start my yoga practice again.  I still have time, but I should have done this already.  And I haven’t started the Cleanse yet, but that’s okay because I’m not starting it until the end of the month.

How are you doing on your goals?  Any exciting events coming up?

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