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April Goals

I saw Bri post her March and April goals and she inspired me to come up with some clear-cut goals for April. March was all about Jacquelyn getting her groove back. I had gotten into a real funk this winter with all the life changes and Whole 30 helped me turn that around. I completed Whole 30 with no mistakes and about mid-way through the experience I found renewed focus on working at my Dad’s business and being a kinder human. I feel like I’ve got this eating thing down now and so for April I’d like to focus on other things.

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April Goals

  1. Post at least 3 times a week. Remember when I said I think part of my problem with not blogging regularly was that I didn’t have a regular schedule? Well now I kind of do. I’m at my Dad’s store pretty much everyday and I find reading blogs and working on posts to be a great brain break throughout the day. My goal for April is to post at least 3 times a week and to post at least 3 food posts (should I count Friday’s since I posted it before I came up with this goal? Technically it is a food post in April) in April and 1 post on many ways to wear an item. See past many ways posts here, here and here.
  2. Organize myself at work. Now that my Dad and I seem to be finding a better groove at his business I’d like to organize myself more there. Currently I have everything in one notebook and that notebook is almost empty. I’d like to find a spot to keep my phone conversations, notes I take while he’s teaching me, and notes from jobs I go on. I think I just need a binder with tabs so things are easier to find. Normally I’m not so meticulous about all of my notes but when you’re managing two people’s work schedules and you have to update them on things plus managing you’re Grandmother’s calendar and all her stuff, your brain tends to forget things.
  3. Social media for work. Another family business related item. I need to find my focus on social media again for his business. For a while I was doing pretty good with Facebook, but I got sidetracked.
  4. Clean my room and bathroom and keep it clean. It’s pretty bad.
  5. Complete three requirements for yoga teacher training. If you didn’t know, I am working towards getting certified to be a yoga teacher. I started in February and it ends in June. There are a few projects we have to complete on our own and I really need to get crackalackin. I’d like to complete two book projects and the yoga flow project in April. Really, it’s not difficult I’ve just been procrastinating.

What are your goals for April? Thanks for the inspiration Bri!

Adult Stuff: Budgeting, focusing on the future, and saving money

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of being in debt. Sick of feeling like I don’t have enough to do anything. Sick of feeling like I’ll never have enough. Sick of feeling like I’m the only one. I know I’m not. There is no way I am! But how does everyone else do it? How do they on vacations? Afford rent or mortgage? Save for a down payment on a house? How do they pay their student loans? Have a car? A dog?

I used to feel ashamed of my debt. Like I was the only one with debt. I felt like less of a person; like a failure. I felt alone.

A few posts I’ve written (this and this come to mind) have touched on my debt and the responses I got were overwhelming. I saw I wasn’t alone. And I saw you appreciated that I shared; that I voiced what you were feeling. So in that spirit, I’m going to continue sharing because those of you who know me know I love nothing more than talking about taboo topics. I love helping others by talking openly about things considered taboo, not for polite society (or society at all), not to be discussed outside of family, or not to be discussed at all! I do it in the hopes that it helps someone else feel comfortable discussing it too.

But I’m not all talk. I do have an action plan. Ready?

1) Focus on the future.

This might seem obvious, but I’m more of an in the moment/plan only one week ahead kind of person. Yes, I am a planner and list maker and working on my control issues when it comes to details but I am not this way when it comes to big important things in life. I’m also not terribly goal oriented. Combine that with not being motivated by money and you can see how I got here. I’m working on being more future focused in multiple areas of my life and so far it seems to be working. Currently my financial goals are:
1) pay off my last and final credit card debt
2) save money to pay my Mom back for the Bruno Mars concert we are going to this summer. She purchased the tickets and hotel room for us and I’d like to pay her back by concert time.
3) once I pay my mom off, continue saving that same amount each month for my December fund (Christmas and car related expenses)
4) Save money for my next car down payment
December is a big month for me financially. I should be close to paying off the credit card, it’s the holiday season so that means spending on others (and myself, lets be honest), and it is when my 2 year lease on my car is up. I will need a down payment for my next car and money to pay for the miles I go over according to my lease agreement. Preparing for this now will mean less spending now, but more security in the future. I’m using SmartyPig to help me with the savings. I like it because it isn’t tied to my checking account or at the same bank so I don’t see the money and I’m not tempted to spend it. I also like that you set up individual goals and you can see how far you’ve come in reaching them. Finally, 1% APY can’t be beat. It’s a social site in that you can share your goals with others so if you’d like to see how I am doing search for jacwheeler@gmail.com and send me an invite. I’d love to see your goals and cheer you on as well!

2) Cut unnecessary memberships.

Come on, we all have them and absolutely DO NOT need them. I actually don’t have a lot, but I do have Julep, which I love, but I don’t need it. So bye bye Julep. I’m also considering dropping my gym membership. That’s $89 a month (yes, I know it’s ridiculously expensive but I really love it there!). If I stop it in April that’s $712 by December. Huge. Some of that $89 will go towards yoga class though so I’m not completely free of fitness related memberships. Just switching it up for something cheaper. I also have Netflix and quite honestly, I’m not ready to give it up. As I’m writing myself I’m kicking myself in the ass that I should cancel it. That’s an additional $7.99 towards a savings goal and every little bit counts, yes? Should I say bye bye to Frank Underwood?

3) Continue budgeting.

I really try hard to only spend the cash I get out every 2 weeks and while it works well for me, sometimes I do turn to my debit card for surprise expenses. When I go out to eat and I didn’t budget for it I am working on choosing a cheaper option from the menu. Compromise. I’m also keeping a little sticky note on my debit card that tells me how much “extra” money I have for incidentals and as I use the card I subtract the money on the sticky note. It’s a visual reminder.

That’s enough jibbar jabber for now. I’m curious about your goals and what you think of mine. Are these posts helpful? Would you like me to update you monthly on how I am doing? Updating the blog on my goals definitely keeps me accountable and helps me track where I’m at and where I’d like to go. Before I end this, two books that have really inspired me to take a closer look at who and where I want to be in the future and how my money is shaping that is Money: A Love Story and Paris Letters. Has anyone read these? I’m in the middle of both and loving them.

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March Goals

Happy Saturday, friends. I’m a week late to the March goals posts but I wanted to share these anyway. I really fell off track in February. Between the weather and my Grandmom passing I did a lot of feeling sorry for myself which led to less than ideal choices. But it’s okay, we’re getting back on track.

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March Goals


1. No spending in March.  This one can be both simultaneously hard and easy for me.  I really have everything I need/want so it’s easy for me to not spend.  But as I lose more weight, I need new pants.  So I might have to ease up on this to buy two pairs of pants– work and casual.  That, a monthly dinner date I have with my best friend, and finally getting my bf to let me pay for a night out are my three spending allowances this month.  To help me stay on track with this I will not be carrying around my debit card.  This is what works best for me.  I get the cash out I need for gas and my dates and that’s it.

2. Set up two savings accounts.  I use SmartPig.com where you get 1% APY.  I’ve used them before and really like it.  It’s an online bank where you can set up goals and when you reach them you can withdrawal the money either through having the money sent to your physical bank, through a SmartyPig cash card, or through retailer gift cards where you get additional rewards (like if you release your money to an Amazon giftcard you’ll get an additional 3%).  I have two accounts right now– one is for the Bruno Mars concert my Mom and I are going to in July.  She paid for everything and I am putting aside money to pay her back.  The other is for the car I’ll need in December when my lease is up.  The savings accounts are on automatic pay so the money will leave my bank without me noticing.  I like having the savings accounts separate from my bank because I forget about it!

3. In the beginning of April I’ll reevaluate my budget and make any needed adjustments.


1. Visit the gym 4 out of 5 work days.  This of course is contingent on the weather agreeing with me and allowing me to get to work and therefore the gym (my gym is next to my work and 45 minutes from my house).

2. Run at least 3 days a week with 2 short and 1 long run.  Maintain half marathon training.

3. Incorporate physical therapy exercises to strengthen core and glutes.

4. Focus more on strength training with a push/pull/leg split.


1. Always an ongoing battle… eat cleaner.  I’d like to reduce splurging to twice a week and eat cleaner the other 5 days.

2. Meal plan.  Maintain prepping breakfasts and lunches for the week.  Prep more snacks.

Long Term Goals

1. Move out.  Ugh.  A recent exploding fight with my Mom fueled my need to focus more on getting out.  Don’t get me wrong, I like living there, appreciate and feel so lucky that they allow me to be there, and love coming home to a dinner every night that I didn’t cook, but it’s time for me be independent.  I’d really like to be credit card debt free before moving out so that I can start with a clean slate (except for student loans… kill me).  I only have one credit card left to pay off and getting that done as quickly as possible is what spurned my savings goals and no spending March.

2. On that finance note… continue to budget monthly and plan out what I will “splurge” on.  For example, my standing monthly dinner dates with Becky and anticipating when I’ll need new clothes.

3. Focus on using kinder words and speaking with intention rather than speaking to be heard.


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