5 Little Confessions

Happy October everyone! It’s pretty cool that this month’s 5 Little Confessions falls on the first day of the month.

Because it is the first day of the month I thought I’d share 5 bucket list items (or just things I’m looking forward to) for October.

1. Road trip to Toronto: this item has been planned since this summer and Ken and I are super excited for it. We’re planning on leaving from my house in the wee hours of the morning so we’ll see how much sleep deprivation causes us to pick on each other ;-)

2. Pumpkin Carving: I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a really long time and I kind of want to put my knife skills to us. What knife skills?! I also just really want to eat roasted seeds so maybe I’ll skip the carving and just get to roasting.

3. Dad’s Birthday: My parents both turn 50 this year and my Dad goes first in October. My Mom’s birthday is in December so we are having a combined birthday and 30th anniversary party for them in November.

4. Losing weight: Okay, time to publicly announce my goal. I’d like to lose 10 lbs by November 15 (the date of the aforementioned party). I just picked that date because it has an event, not because I want to lose weight for the party. I do want to lose weight for my bff’s wedding in December and I work better on shorter term goals so I picked November as the first one.

5. 5k: One of my Junior League friends asked if I wanted to run a race with her so I’ll be doing a 5k on October 26 (which also happens to be my Dad’s birthday). I haven’t run a 5k in a while and I am a bit nervous. My comfortable distance is 1 mile and then it starts to get hard. I’m also worried about hurting myself since physical therapy but I’m excited to have this goal. If anyone is in the PA/NJ area we’re running the Perfect 10 (or 5 in my case).

What’s on your bucket list for October? Any fun dates you’re looking forward to?

Won’t you please join us? This is a monthly link up with myself, Aubrey, Carrie, and Kimberly. Join us each month and share 5 things you’ve been itching to tell! Keep it simple or go deep, it’s all up to you!

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Fall Capsule Wardrobe- Outfit Showcase 1

I started this challenge by carefully cataloging each outfit I wore everyday for about a week. Then I stopped. Because that’s how I usually roll: I’m really super gungho and organized for the first few days, then I forget to do it, then I’ve forgotten for too long to remember the previous days. So I won’t be including any of those lists I put together.

And in a way I’m kind of glad I didn’t keep up with that project. In the beginning of September the focus of this capsule wardrobe for me was “how many outfits can I put together with minimal pieces.” And that is a great focus to have and one that naturally arises because of the nature of the capsule wardrobe. But as the days and weeks went on the focus became “how can I appreciate what I have in my closet” and finally to “I have enough in my closet and although these things online are really pretty, I don’t need them and kind of don’t even want them.” Okay, that last part might be a bit of a stretch. I certainly do want a lot of the things I find online and if I tried really hard I could accept the reasons my heart is giving my brain to try and sway it to hit purchase.

I still do a lot of online browsing because 1) I get bored a lot at work 2) it serves as outfit inspiration and 3) just because, okay!? I put a lot of things in my shopping bag and when it comes time to edit the bag and decide on what to order, I’m not ordering anything. Seriously. It’s almost like shopping and consuming things just isn’t fun anymore. Wait, scratch that. Shopping is still fun as I just went to Target and purchased a bunch of non-clothing things. But the idea of having a closet full of clothes just isn’t fun anymore. I have been enjoying working with my limited selection and I have so many outfit combos in my head I can’t wait to try. For example, I’m thinking of all the ways I can combine berry and navy together after wearing this outfit.

I still struggle with taking photos of my outfits and it’s something I’m working on and something you clearly said you wanted in this survey. Somedays the weather isn’t cooperating with me, or I’m feeling lazy, or my hair is crazy, or I’m just not feeling photogenic. I’m trying though. That explains why I don’t have photos of every single outfit and also explains how I hope next month’s outfit showcase will have more.

With all that said, let’s get to some of the photos. Some of these have been blogged about and some have yet to be blogged about.

Outfit details left to right
1. blue gingham button down, burgundy vest, gray skirt, booties
2. denim jacket, white tshirt, teal skirt (Halogen brand here it is in camel; similar & similar), white flats (Audrey Brooke in brown and black), scarf (urban peach boutique; similar & similar)
3. Chambray button down (Target; similar & similar) black skirt, black flats
4. Outfit post here
5. Outfit post here

1. Purple gingham button down (Loft Outlet; similar & similar), black trousers (Loft really old but probably these), gold belt, black flats
2. Black blazer (stitchfix; similar & similar, stripe sweater (Loft old; similar & similar, black jeans, red flats
3. Outfit post here
4. Leopard floral top (stitchfix; similar & similar), brown skirt (The Limited, old; similar & similar), nude flats (Cole Haan, similar & similar)
5. white top, black ankle trousers, blue flats, gold necklace

Some outfits I liked but have not photographed yet:
+ white eyelet tank, black skinny jeans (bought these during the anniversary sale and used their fit guide to find my perfect pair and I really love these!), blue Aldo flats (seriously, love these flats! I have them in the grey and am contemplating the black).
+ gray Tshirt, green cargo vest, boyfriend jeans, blue Steve Madden flats
+ black Loft ankle pants, blue and white JCrew Factory tank, black Target flats
+ plaid JCrew Factory button down, blue JCrew Factory skirt, gray Aldo flats
+ berry stripe top, black mini skirt, leopard flats
+ plaid JCrew button down, straight jeans, white Sperrys
+ jean jacket, Hangry T, black mini skirt, leopard flats

How is your capsule wardrobe going? I’m really excited to see everyone’s looks. I hope to get more of my favorite looks photographed. Don’t forget to link up below and link back to Anne or I so everyone can find other capsule wardrobes to look at! If you want to be reminded of all the link up dates via email, you can add your email address here. And if you link up I’ll just pull your email addresses from that and add you myself :-)

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Crabapple Weekend

Hi friends, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good and I managed to even bust out the big camera for some apple picking photos. I kept saying I was going to get home, upload the photos onto my laptop, and think… now what am I going to do with all these apple pictures?! I actually didn’t take as much as I thought, but I still didn’t get any pics of people. Oh well.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 6:30am for my town’s annual flea market. It’s pretty popular and has been happening for so long (over 30 years at least) that people come from all over to attend. I didn’t sell as much as I could have because of my location, but that’s okay. I still made $68. I promptly took that $68 to apple picking.

2014-9-27 apple picking9

I went with two girlfriends from Junior League to Solebury Orchards. My friend Dara (seen above with her friend Amy) had gone last year and really liked it so she organized our outing. I haven’t been apple picking much as an adult so I don’t have too much to compare it to but I’ll give this orchard an overall meh.

2014-9-27 apple picking6

2014-9-27 apple picking2

I’ve never owned an orchard but the amount of apples on the ground was overwhelming. You really had to pay attention to where you were walking to make sure you didn’t twist an apple. There were whole apples, apples with a few bites, and full on rotten apples all over. I’m sure it is hard to control, but I have been to other orchards where it wasn’t that insane. I could have also just been a crabapple because I had gotten up so early and the sun was unforgiving in my eyeball.

2014-9-27 apple picking8

2014-9-27 apple picking1

We all had a great time regardless and I really fell in love with that tractor driver there. He just epitomized a tractor driver.

And check out this itty bitty apple I found.

From there I went straight to Ken’s where I continued being a little crabapple. He said I was just a smart ass. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and Saturday I really struggled. I think I was just overtired. I had plans to meet up with a few people Sunday at Manayunk’s Streat Festival but at about 1:30am I texted everyone saying we were still planning on going but I couldn’t stick to agreed upon times because I’m sleeping horribly and don’t want to force myself to wake up. Ever have one of those nights?

It was packed. We walked up the street, back down, stood in line for these amazing cheese curds that we’ve been dying to try, sat on the sidewalk eating and people watching for a while, then headed home. We were only there for a few hours but glad we went. Anyone else hit up a street food festival this weekend?

When I got home I baked a most delicious apple crisp. Seriously, I don’t really like baked apples and this was phenomenal. My parents and I scarfed it down. I used Jonathan apples I picked specifically for this crisp and followed this recipe from Carrots N Cake. I’m so glad I pinned it and I suggest you do too. I used 5 apples and I was even debating about just using 4. I suggest using 6 or 7. (the apples I used weren’t gigantic and might have even been smaller than a medium). I left the skin on like she suggests and I also added chopped walnuts which I think is really what set it over the top. Next time I make it I probably won’t do 1c sugar; maybe 3/4 or less. I also made some whipped cream to dollop. Ever make whipped cream? Really easy. Just pour some heavy whipping cream in a bowl, beat until close to stiff, add some powdered sugar to your liking (we don’t really like sweet stuff so I add around a spoonful (like a regular eating spoon), and continue beating until as stiff as you like it. If you beat too much it will turn in to butter ;-)

Well, that’s my weekend. How was yours? This might have been our last summer-weather weekend so I hope you enjoyed it!

PS Don’t forget tomorrow is the first outfit link up for the Capsule Wardrobe! If you want to be reminded of all the link up dates via email, you can add your email address here. And if you link up I’ll just pull your email addresses from that and add you myself :-)


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