Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Putting together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide was really fun because I realized I want every single thing on this list. This Mother’s Day Gift Guide is applicable to really any woman in your life. I am continuously surprised that my Christmas Gift Guide is still one of my most looked at and clicked through posts. I really thought people didn’t like these posts because they aren’t my favorite. I realized that the reason I don’t like them is because the items people list as ideas are ridiculously priced. I love my Mumsie but I am not getting her this $128 scarf as suggested by another blogger. Power to all of you who can afford to.

I always enjoy shopping for my Mom on Mother’s Day because her birthday and Christmas are so hard because her birthday is 5 days after Christmas. She hates it and I hate it. Having two big gift giving holidays so close together takes the fun out of shopping for her. So Mother’s Day is fun because it is all by itself. I try to take into account what the person needs/wants but won’t really buy for herself. My Mom will buy clothes and shoes for herself, but not necessarily accessories. She’ll buy holiday and home decor but not new pot holders. We all have things we will and won’t buy. Anyway, enough rambling. Let’s get to the fun.

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From top to bottom, left to right:
Chubby Stick, white scarf, pj bottoms, blue throw, white vase, booties, nook, ombre scarf

My Mom’s needs are pretty simple: comfy, easy, and pretty. She recently fell in love with Clinique’s Chubby Stick (seriously, who came up with that name) and my Nook that she borrowed on vacation so they are top two on my list. The booties are actually a lavender spa booty. Throw them on with the pj bottoms and wrap up in the throw and you are set. She also always compliments me on my scarves but never buys them for herself so I am always on the lookout for pretty ones for her. Finally the pretty vase because that’s another thing she’d never buy for herself.

What’s on your list for your Mom or yourself?

Vacation Help: How do you find deals?

Hi party people! I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather we’re having on Earth Day! Well… it’s gorgeous here in Pennsylvania at least.

Has everyone seen yesterday’s post with an exciting AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse Challenge? Just a quick note– you do not have to do it at the same time as me! If you purchase the cleanse by May 5 you’ll be eligible to win the prizes! Check out all of the details here.

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So I need some help. I am really good at some things, but one of them is not researching vacations. I don’t know where to start, what’s a good deal, how to do it… it’s so overwhelming! It really doesn’t help that I suck at geography so I have to consult a map every single second. K wants to go away for a weekend and apparently I’m in charge of it all. Uhhhhh. So how do you all find good deals? I’d prefer to drive within a 6 hour radius of Philadelphia to keep costs down but he has his sights on Louisville. Which is cool, I love Louisville. But I’m not making that drive again for only a 2 day visit. Haaallllppp. What are some good sites to use? Has anyone ever waited just a few days before their intended departure date and picked everything based off of price? Like using those last minute deals? There’s an excitement to that that I’m kind of attracted to. Where should I start looking?

10 Day AdvoCare Cleanse Challenge and Prizes!

Happy holidays to you all! I had off Friday from work but not today. Boooo. I hope everyone had a nice 3 or 4 or 2 or 0 day weekend!

I wrote two pretty cool posts last week. My rant about student loans has a lot of really wonderful comments and a great conversation on Instagram. One piece of advice I’m taking away from the post and Instagram is find what’s best for you because one person highly recommended consolidating and another warned me away from it. What I learned from that is you have to do the research and find what works best for you.

I also wrote up a quick post on things I thought were worth taking a look at. I had fun putting together Noteworthy so it might become a more regular thing around here. I read a lot of blogs so I hope to be able to feature some of you!

Last week I seemed to find a bit of my old workout groove again and I’m hoping my healthy eating groove will follow along. Easter definitely didn’t help. I didn’t eat a lot but my Mom made her macaroni and cheese which produces a lot of leftovers and it’s even better as a leftover. My birthday is in 7 days (ahem!) so this weekend will be full of yummy food and birthday cake. I asked my Dad to make a pb and chocolate tandy cake. It’s just pb and chocolate over a sponge cake. Yummmm.

But I really need to get my eating back on track and I’m due for another round of cleansing so enter the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse. I’ve done it a few times and always seen positive results. It not only helps me lose a few pounds and inches, it jumpstarts my clean eating and inspires me to keep going well past the 10 days. Best part for me? I find it really affordable unlike a lot of other cleanses out there. I also love that you are supposed to eat. And eat a lot. You are not starving yourself on this cleanse (although at times it may feel like it because you aren’t used to eating an apple instead of a brownie for a snack!).

My friend Julia told me she is saving to do the 24 day AdvoCare cleanse and I suggested she invite some friends to do it with her so they can commiserate together. Great advice, I thought. And it is! I realized I should apply it to myself as well with the 10 day AdvoCare Cleanse. It is SO MUCH easier when you do it with friends and have a support system.

Let’s talk about what you’ll get if you join the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse.

advocare 10 day cleanse challenge may

1. Me!

I’ve done this a few times, know how difficult it is while simultaneously being easy (confusing, I know), and can relate to your struggles!

2. Eating plan.

I’ll be putting together a 10 day eating plan for myself and want to share it with you. It will include a day to day plan and grocery list. I don’t really eat red meat, pork, or seafood so the cleanse won’t include that. 3. Support. Everyone who signs up will be here to support each other! If the group is big enough I’ll create a facebook group. Otherwise you’ll be getting emails from me reminding you to do your best and motivating you! (you can, of course, opt out of the email list. emails will not be shared with anyone and will be a bcc email so no one else will see your email or know you’re part of the group. I understand privacy is important to us all.)

3. Weight loss, inches gone, and inspiration to eat clean!

You’ll feel so much lighter after the cleanse that you’ll want to continue eating clean past the 10 days. You’ll also realize how easy it is to eat clean!

4. Prizes! Duh. Uuuuuh what’s a 10 Day Cleanse without a prize!?

So how do you win and what do you win?

To be eligible to win ANY (except number 3) of the prizes you must purchase an AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse from my online store. Click here to purchase 10 Day AdvoCare Cleanse!

Let’s get started on this cleanse together! You have NOTHING to lose. Purchase the 10 Day AdvoCare Cleanse here to automatically be entered to win $50! That pays for your cleanse and then some! Sign up your friends and be entered to win a free cleanse! One entry for every friend that joins you! Want more motivation to follow the program 100%? Email me your before and after photos for a chance to win a workout tank! Easiest entry of all? Pin the image above, leave the pin URL in a comment, and you are entered to win Spark! You don’t even need to buy the cleanse to be eligible for that one!

1. Purchasing a 10 Day AdvoCare Cleanse from my online store automatically enters you for a chance to win $50 cold hard cash through PayPal.
2. Share your results for a chance to win a workout tank! Best results wins! Email me before and after pictures. Store to be determined (dependent on the winner’s preference).
3. Pin the above image for a chance to win Spark! You can not survive a cleanse without Spark! Some even say you can’t survive the day without Spark ;-) Leave the pin link in the comments below to enter! (you DO NOT need to purchase the cleanse to be eligible to win this prize)
4. Recruit! If you and a friend both purchase the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse you are BOTH entered for a chance to be reimbursed! Only one of you will win, but both are entered for the chance! Reimbursement will take place through PayPal.

Order your 10 Day AdvoCare Cleanse by May 5 to be entered to win. Prizes will be drawn at random on May 20. Before and After photo prize will be drawn on June 1 (giving you time to receive the cleanse, start it, and take the photos!).