Burgundy Dress, Leather Jacket, Black Wedges, Leopard Purse

burgundy dress, leather jacket, gray necklace, leopard clutch-81

burgundy dress, leather jacket, gray necklace, leopard clutch verticle 1

Another look in front of the garage in my burgundy dress. Sorry to break it to you all but all of the photos I took so far in this dress are in front of my garage. Blame the weather. I do.

I wanted to create a look that involved layers to go from work to a night out. At work: tights and wedges. Going out: leather jacket and scarf. If you have sexier going out shoes than I do, rock them. I’m not much of a heel wearer.

Oh, and PS, sorry for the flash spot.

burgundy dress, leather jacket, gray necklace, leopard clutch verticle 2

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burgundy dress, leather jacket, gray necklace, leopard clutch-61

burgundy dress, leather jacket, gray necklace, leopard clutch verticle 3

burgundy dress, leather jacket, gray necklace, leopard clutch-131

How would you style this for a work to night adventure?

Dress: Old Navy, similar (I’m going to try and find a different dress every week to give options!)
Jacket: H&M, similar from H&M
Hat: Loft, similar
Scarf: Target
Necklace: Stitchfix, similar & similar
Purse: DVF gift, similar
Shoes: DSW old, similar

Focus On: The Magical Tote

Ahhhh the magical cognac transport tote. I’m pretty sure everyone and their llama is looking for the perfect one. When the tote first started it’s magical mystery ride into stardom it really only came one way: non-reversible with no pockets on the inside except for a dangling zipper pouch and $100. Now you can find totes that are reversible usually with a sensible color like black or brown and a fun color like turquoise or coral. And finally they are making totes with pockets on the inside. All I require is a non-dangling zipper pocket and 2 smaller pockets like for my 8 lipsticks I insist on carrying everywhere. I found mine at Target last year and while it only has the one dangling zipper pouch, I’ve been pretty happy with it and even used it as a traveling tote to Brooklyn. I’ve used it as a purse, traveling tote, work bag, and a bag to carry my notebook around and double as a purse when I’m observing at schools. So I’d say 20 bucks well spent.

Because I can’t imagine spending near $100 on a tote like this, most of the options below are under $100.

focus on transport tote collage

I don’t feel right creating a list on transport tote options without mentioning what I believe is the original one: the Madewell Transport Tote. This one comes in at a hefty price tag but I hear it holds up pretty well. It features on almost every single one of Fran’s outfit posts so I assume she puts it to work!

When I first started shopping around for a tote this one from Nordstrom is the one I most considered. I loved that it was reversible but I was hoping to find one with interior pockets. I know I didn’t end up with one, but I paid about half the price.

I like the navy/stripe option of this tote because it would be a really fun summer option. There still aren’t any interior pockets, but it looks like the pouch is removable which is pretty cool. Although when it is attached it’s attached to the shoulder strap which is kind of weird.

Leave it to Old Navy to come up with an option. You can always count on them to jump on the bandwagon at an affordable price. Although it doesn’t have any shots of the interior (what’s up with that?!) the description says it has two interior pockets. I hope you like black. Because that’s what it comes in.

If you’re looking for 8 color options then Target’s got your back. I think their description alone is worth the click over. No interior shots and the description says there are no pockets so that’s kind of lame. But like I said, go read the description. It’s quite optimistic.

Target actually has a few totes but most of them don’t have pockets and I don’t understand that. This one from Target has a removable pouch and two pockets so it’s like a rare unicorn tote.

Another one from Nordstrom. This one has a pocket but the shoulder strap seems pretty short and awkward.

Forever 21 has a tote that comes in 3 reversible colors and I’m digging the blush option. However, there isn’t a pocket which I’m now realizing makes sense if the bag is supposed to be reversible…

And I’ll end with Urban Outfitters. I like the little bag that comes with it and really love the cognac/teal option.

Which one is your favorite? Did you realize well before me why reversible totes don’t have interior pockets?

Winter White

white navy stripe t, tan cardi, teal skirt, nude flats-8 white navy stripe t, tan cardi, teal skirt, nude flats verticle 2 collage2 white navy stripe t, tan cardi, teal skirt, nude flats-9

This is typically how you’ll find me going to work everyday in the winter: bundled up in a warm hat and coat. Just swap out the flats for snow boots and you’ll have my travelling outfit (I switch my shoes in the office).

This coat was a Christmas gift last year and the hat I bought for myself this year. Would you believe I’ve never actually bought myself any winter hats? My Grandma used to always knit us hats so I ┬ánever bothered to buy any. Although I miss the handmade hats from my Grandma, I’m realizing how fun it is to have a collection of winter hats to keep away the winter blues (and cold!).

You can find the full post on the rest of the outfit here!

Hat: Loft (similar)
Coat: Michael Kors (similar)
Cardigan: The Limited (similar)
Top: Target
Skirt: Halogen via Nordstrom (similar)
Earrings: Elizabeth Ashlie (similar)
Bracelets: Stella & Dot 1 & 2
Shoes: Cole Haan (similar)

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