White turtleneck sweater, legging pants, brown boots.

Here are the legging pants I mentioned on Monday. Let me tell you a few things about this outfit. 1. I love it; 2. I love my hair; 3. no lie, these pants are super comfortable; 4. I just wish they came up a bit higher cuz crack kills; 5. I’m thinking of taking them to Vegas.

What’s that? Vegas? That’s right!

I turn 30 in April and my parents surprised me with a trip to Vegas for my Mom and I and my cousin Kerri. It was a surprise because we talked about it on Monday, Tuesday they booked the tickets and Friday we leave! The best part? Sunday we see Britney Spears. Oooooooh yeah. I’ve been dreaming of this.

I made the announcement on Snapchat so follow me there to see my adventures. Username is justjacq. I also made a video on Instagram about it so follow me there too! thejustjacq. Any suggestions on what to do and where to eat?

Back to these legging pants.

Top: JCrew Factory (can’t find online). Similar from the same store, looks fuzzy, hem goes up on sides , has a knitted pattern.
Pants: Uniqlo. Or it could be these, these look awesome.
Ring: Old Navy
Earrings: Old Navy
Shoes: Zappos. All similar items are wide calf options. Naturalizer, Bandolino, Alfani.

A Monday List

Hey, hey, hey thought I’d bring back a good list!

Berry blazer, blue gingham, gray jeans, and gray flats. Fun chunky necklace for a pop of color! Casual fall outfit. 7x7 Outfit Challenge!

Love my hair in this post. Original post here.

1. To quote my friend Dara, “you’ve come back with a bang with blogging!” Indeed I did and it feels good. I realized another thing that was blocking me from blogging was that it’s easier for me to take my pictures indoors but I don’t like how the pictures come out. But you know what? Oh well. They’re still good and I’m lucky to have a nice little spot in my room to take photos.

2. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I could solve my dress gaping issues when I sit by just wearing leggings instead of stockings. It obviously won’t stop the dress from gaping but it will give me more coverage. I bought these leggings from Uniqlo recently and love them. So soft. And seriously so warm.

3. Speaking of Uniqlo, I also bought these leggings pants (that;s they call them) and have been wearing them nonstop. Seriously. I bought them in blue (like jeans) and black. I have a post coming this week with them!

4. I found a few more pictures that I took in the fall and have yet to publish. And I’m getting my hair cut and colored on Wednesday so for a few more posts you’ll see different hair styles 😀

5. I’ve been looking for a pair of pointed black ankle booties and I’m thinking these are pretty perfect. Anyone have any experience with how this brand fits?

6. I ended up with a waffle iron in a Secret Santa gift exchange and I don’t even really like waffles. My Mom has been asking for waffles every weekend and after going through a few different recipes we decided the first one I used is the best. I hate putting together all the ingredients in the morning when I’m still trying to wake up so I took about 5 minutes and put together 3 jars of dry ingredients. Now all I have to do is make buttermilk and add wet ingredients when Queen Mother wants waffles.

7. I’m thinking that this dress is perfect for teaching and for play. Yes? And pretty perfect for all weathers. Yes? Yes? So I should buy it?

8. I thought I’d do a Q&A video soon. Haven’t decided on Snapchat or Periscope but email or Facebook message me your Q’s!

9. How cute is this tote? Fancier than my normal version.

10. Oh, and this necklace. And this purse. Oh this bracelet. Okay, somebody stop me.


Along with not blogging I also wasn’t reading blogs. One of the first blogs I returned to recently was Anne’s. I have always admired Anne’s writing style, her organization, simplicity and of course, her style. What better way to celebrate my first week back into blogging than to join her and Jenna once again in their currently posts?


sending: good vibes. I try to send them out daily, but it doesn’t always happen. I am a firm believer in karma and getting back what you put into the world. The more positivity and kindness I can spread, the more I can expect to receive.

eating: avocado toast and smoothies have entered my life again. I love a sliced avocado (I don’t like to smoosh it) with salt on Ezekial bread. Even better if I can add a tomato. Even more better if I add a runny egg. And my trusty smoothies have become a more staple once again.

dreaming: okay, I was going to try and be all existential with this one but really, I have been having some freaky dreams lately. I dreamt the other night that my cousin lost a ridiculous amount of weight and also looked like she was 12 again (she’s 25). I begged her to tell me how she lost weight and she just kept insisting it was from drinking gallons of water a day. She said one day she woke up and it was just gone. And I didn’t believe her and was getting so mad. I wanted her magical pill!

smelling: currently, at the moment of writing, I am smelling coffee. I took to Starbucks to get some work done today (blog writing is work) and I am absolutely loving it. I miss coffeeshop time.

hearting: getting my groove back. Call me Stella.

What is your currently?

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