Fall Capsule Wardrobe- Outfit Showcase 2

Well hey there! I can’t believe another month has gone by in this capsule wardrobe thang. We are officially past the halfway mark for the Fall series. Anyone doing Winter? I am!! Me!Me!Me! Should I do another link up? I definitely loved checking out all of your outfits! You can see the first collection of outfits here.


This month included an entire week devoted to two colors, berry and navy. Honestly friends, I want to do an entire week devoted to mustard and navy. Would ya kill me?

PS anyone else nonstop rocking out to Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989?!

Outfit Details:
Top left, below that one, big one up top

Very bottom left, above that one

Big one on the bottom: coming soon!

Want an update?

It’s going wonderfully! Seriously, dressing is so easy. I did cheat and added this cardigan (it’s not as buttery yellow as it’s showing) and I don’t feel guilty ;-) I also bought these sweaters (in beige and black/white stripe) because they were buy one get one 50% off and I’ve been searching for sweaters. BUT I am not letting myself wear them until the winter capsule. So that purchase isn’t really cheating because I’m just preparing for the winter. But I am wearing the cardigan… so I’m cheating a little.

How is your capsule going? Would you join me in a Winter link up? Don’t forget to link up below and link back to Anne or I so everyone can find other capsule wardrobes to look at! If you want to be reminded of all the link up dates via email, you can add your email address here. And if you link up I’ll just pull your email addresses from that and add you myself :-)

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Eating every 2 hours

Recently I noticed my stomach was a bit puffier and jiggly, my clothes weren’t fitting quite so nicely, and my energy was down. It doesn’t take a Jillian Michaels to conclude that the culprit was my lack of movement and increase in poor eating. So I joined a new gym and figured out a new way to eat that works for me (although lets check back in in a few weeks and see if I’m still saying that).

Ironically, I joined my new gym exactly 1 year from the day I joined my old gym. I have the timehop app to thank for that revelation.

So my new gym is Crunch Fitness which is closer to my house than to work and is significantly cheaper than the boutique gym near work, CanDo, I was previously a member of. I decided to give a gym closer to home a try in the hopes that I would go on the weekends (so far I haven’t). I don’t know how well it will work because part of the incentive with CanDo was that if I went, I would miss rush hour traffic. Now I am driving through rush hour to get to Crunch.

But so far I like it. The classes are 30 minutes (with the exception of Zumba which is 60) which makes it really easy to fit in to whatever else I wanted to do. Last week I did a quick run/walk, took Absolution, then ran to take a quick shower and head to a Junior League meeting. It fit in perfectly with my schedule. What I don’t like, and go ahead and call me a snob, is the clientelle. CanDo is in Princeton, which is a much nicer area than where I live and is full of people who work in NYC. Crunch is in Fairless Hills, which is a working class area full of people who work hard to make ends meet. Nothing wrong with those people; I come from those people. But their attitudes at the gym are different. At CanDo everyone had a routine and you always saw little piles of weights and other equipment around the gym that people set up for their workout. At Crunch, people mindlessly walk from machine to machine doing a few things here and there. I definitely get some weird looks with the things I do, but whatevs. Crunch is much cheaper than CanDo so I’m trying really hard to make it work.

So that’s what I’ve been doing on the fitness front; here is the food front. I have decided to follow an every 2 hour eating schedule with each “meal” being the same size. So there is no “meal” and “snack” size; every portion is around 200-300 calories. It’s working really well thus far. As far as I know, I don’t have any medical issues like diabetes, but I definitely suffer from some majorly swinging blood sugar. My Mom calls me a bear; when I’m hungry, feed me. So the every 2 hour same size meal seems a really good solution. I never have a chance to get starving and I’m being really mindful of each meal, whereas before I would just grab whatever looked good. To help make sure I’m on track I set my phone timer for 2 hours. The first day I really felt tied to the clock/timer and worried it would become an obsession. By midweek though the timer was super handy as I wasn’t checking it every 30 minutes to see when I could eat. I think most of my obsession with the timer on the first day just came from my excitement to eat the yummy stuff I brought. Anyone ever make their lunch, notice how good it looks, and then just eat it right then so now you have to make a second lunch for the next day? Guilty.

(PS why is this woman eating a sandwich topless)

I like to get as much done for my week on Sunday as I can. I’ve always prepped all of my breakfasts for the week because I sleep late. And I usually prep as much of my lunches as I can. These past two weeks I have prepped every work-time meal and it’s been great. I have really noticed a huge difference in my energy level, my mood, and my gut. My stomach is no longer hanging over my pants and everything fits normally again. There hasn’t been a shift on the scale, but I am fine with that. Here is an example of my day.

Shake consists of 1/2c greek yogurt, half banana, 1/2c frozen strawberries, 1tbsp pb, and 1/3 scoop chocolate protein powder.

This week’s plan:

Steel cut oats is Quaker brand and uses 1c oats that I make in to 5 servings of cooked oats. Homemade vegetarian chili recipe can be found here (I omit the corn because I can’t eat it).

I wasn’t sure how much of a difference it was making until this weekend. On Sunday I threw on a tshirt and jeans and was looking down at the counter. I noticed then that my stomach definitely deflated and Ken said something earlier too. Then later that night I had a horrible headache that wouldn’t go away and I got really nauseous. The headache started from a cramp in my neck from sleeping funky, but it was weird how it travelled and wouldn’t go away. I thought the nausea was from the pain, but that’s weird for me too. Then I started thinking about what I ate that day to see if it could have caused anything and I realized I barely ate. I had coffee, eggs with cornbread and a bit of leftover apple crisp, and steel cut oats with more apple crisp and coffee. So I heated up a bowl of chicken noodle soup and crackers (kept it simple in case I really was sick). At first I could barely eat it, the nausea was that bad. But after a bunch of forced bites I started to feel much better. The nausea and headache were disipating and I quickly deduced everything I had been feeling was because I went from eating good food every 2 hours to barely nothing but sugar and coffee only twice. An hour after I finished the soup I decided more food was a good idea so I had some soppresata, cheese, and triscuits ;-)

I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing lately. Any “meals” around 200-300 calories for me?

Absorb words positively

I’m trying to think of a nice way to ease into this post, but I really can’t so I’m just going to jump right in to the situation and my revelation.

There is this woman I deal with on a somewhat regular basis, at least twice a month. Let’s call her Faye because Faye is a name that’s just not used often enough. Anyway, Faye seems like a nice person. I have absolutely nothing against Faye. She lives in an area that’s notorious for weird aloof personalities who think their business is more important than anyone else’s business. Not that Faye necessarily emotes those characteristics, but my friend described her as a fembot the other day and I thought that was pretty accurate.

Faye has always confused me. I can never tell if she is joking, if she is serious, if she is bad at saying something in a joking manner, or if she is just snarky. I really can’t tell if she likes me or not and she has squinty eyes that make it impossible to make accurate eye contact.

At a meeting the other night I was wearing my name tag and she commented on it saying “I never remember to wear mine.” I replied that as a newer member I just think it’s easier for me to wear mine so there aren’t any of those awkward moments where people are trying to remember my name and feel bad for asking. To which she replied “oh, if I know your name then everyone else definitely knows it.”

I truly do not remember my reply because I immediately decided to take her comment as “I don’t know many people so if I know your name I’m sure others do as well.” But because Faye is extremely confusing it could have very well been a dig on me. Maybe something about how I’m obnoxious or how I talk a lot, which I actually don’t in these particular meetings.

The point of my story about Faye is that I really surprised myself. Rather than replying sarcastically to match her possible sarcasm, I chose to absorb her comment in a positive way. And that’s when I realized that we chose how to take others’ words.

I could have easily decided to take Faye’s words in a negative manner and assume she doesn’t like me, but I didn’t. And she might have meant them negatively and she might not like me, but by taking them and reacting positively I kept my mindset positive and she might grow to like me if she doesn’t already.

I know I tend to use my sarcasm as a security blanket when I’m feeling insecure or self-conscious and maybe Faye does too. Maybe it’s the only way she knows how to break the ice. So I hope my positive reaction encourages her to continue reaching out to me, but in a positive way.

Does any of this make sense? Have you ever encountered a similar situation?

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