30th Birthday Celebrations

Despite suffering from allergies for two weeks now, I couldn’t have had a better fun-filled sunshining weekend! I don’t typically do random shares but I thought I’d do that today.


Tuesday my Dad had knee surgery and I hung around the house a lot to help him out. Ever since I had a blood clot I am so paranoid other people have them too so when he was complaining of the worse pain he’s ever felt, I was convinced he had a clot. He did not, thankfully.

On Wednesday my Grandmom helped me put together four spinach and cheese quiches for a birthday brunch I was having for my 30th birthday on Sunday.

Friday my Mom stayed home from work and we worked on the gardens. I spent about 5 hours doing the garden on the front of the house which I snapped on Snapchat (justjacq on Snapchat)! She did the side garden where we plant a lot of herbs and the back garden where we plant more herbs and veggies. After I was done I cooked everyone dinner, took a quick shower, then made a special Whole Foods trip to purchase a vegan cake for my cousin Kerri. Her birthday is April 16 and she was coming over for my birthday dinner and I wanted to make sure she had a cake too! Then I headed to my cousin Emily’s to work on things for a baby shower she is throwing. Finally, I crashed in bed.

Saturday my Mom and I cleaned the house and got things ready for my birthday dinner. My brother, his girlfriend, and cousins Emily and Kerri were joining us for a taco night. We made beef, fish and shrimp for everyone to make their own tacos. It was a big hit and so yummy! My birthday cake was Tiramisu from Olive Garden. So good. Did you know you can buy an entire cake from Olive Garden? Kerri was surprised by her cake so I was really glad I made the special trip for it!

Sunday about 25 friends were coming over at 11 for brunch. I originally invited everyone to go out to brunch but I honestly didn’t expect so many people to be able to come! My Mom suggested it would be easier to have it at the house and I’m happy we did that because people ended up staying until around 5! We picked up bagels, fruit, and pastry from Panera, heated up the 4 quiches I had frozen earlier in the week, roasted potatoes, microwaved sausage, and my mom Made bacon the night before. We have a huge 25 cup coffee maker so we busted that out and my Mom put hot water in a carafe for tea. There was tons of champagne and orange juice and cranberry for mimosas. We couldn’t have asked for better weather even though quite a few of us have burns! I didn’t get a big group picture and I’m pretty upset about that! It was such a fun morning and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. And I have learned that I am definitely a brunch party person and not an evening party person. I have no energy in the evening!

Now, because of all the outdoors time and fun I had, I am back to being sick again with allergies. But I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my 30th birthday celebrations! (my actual birthday is the 28th for anyone who hasn’t sent a gift yet 😉 )

Paleo Buffalo Chicken Casserole

This post is killing two birds with one stone.

Does anyone else feel a little bad when they use that phrase? Like, why are we killing birds and why do we need to be economical about it?

Anyway, one post tackling two goals: posting three food posts in the month of April and not eating dairy and wheat.

This DELICIOUS meal comes from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. I’d like to say it was quick and easy, but it did require just a tad bit of chopping and it is a bit multi-step, but other than that it is quick and easy :-)



The recipe calls for a cup of hot sauce but I’ve never used hot sauce in my life so I bought the 5oz bottle and only used that and the meal was plenty spicy enough for me. And guess what? I’ve already made this a second time and I bought the next size bottle up and used closer to a cup of hot sauce. Look at me, next I’ll be running with scissors!

I strongly suggest you give this meal a shot! You can find the recipe in her cookbook or here on PaleOMG website!



Mother’s Day Gift Guide

When UncommonGoods reached out to me about collaborating on a Mother’s Day post I thought, well sure I love my Mom, I’m a bit uncommon myself, and my Mom and I love jewelry. What I didn’t realize is that I would be supporting a company who supports women. Did you know that UncommonGoods has a Better to Give program where with every purchase made they donate $1 to the non-profit of your choice? They didn’t even ask me share that with you. To date, they have donated over $1 million to charities around the world include RAINN (a charity near and dear to my heart), American Forests, Women for Women International, and City Harvest. So if you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry for your Mumsie, or any other important person in your life, keep UncommonGoods and they’re good deeds in mind.

And now, because I’m so helpful, I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite pieces from UncommonGoods.


One: My best friend’s sister recently had a baby boy and she was looking for a gift to get her to represent both their relationship as sisters and her sister’s new relationship with her baby and this necklace was exactly the idea she was going for! You can see more necklaces here!

Two: I love that this bracelet is open-ended because my big wrists have trouble finding bracelets! The mixed metals mean this would pretty much go with anything.

Three: And since I’m going with a mixed metals theme, lets keep it going with these earrings. My Mom is a big hoop earring fan, although for her bigger is always better while I’m more of a simpler hoop girl.

Four: I didn’t make number four the four leaf clover on purpose, but it’s nice when things work out that way. I love the simplicty of this necklace and if simplicity is your thing, check out this page.

Five: Honestly, how could I not include a piece of elephant jewelry?

Six: My Mom loves beach colors and this necklace reminds me so much of her.

One last thing I want to share about Uncommon Goods: their Design Challenges. If you’re talented, unlike me, in jewelry and art then you need to enter their design challenges and join their community! I’d love to see your work out there!

What are your favorites from Uncommon Goods?

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post.

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