Fall Capsule Wardrobe– My Capsule

Good morning! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Maybe I’ll share some weekend highlights with you tomorrow, but today we’re talking capsule wardrobes.


Last week I shared that Anne and I are linking up to share our Fall Capsule Wardrobes and I let you in on how my mini August capsule was going. Today Anne and I are sharing our Fall pieces and we invite all of you to link up with your fall pieces, or where you’re at in the process, or if you’re thinking of joining but you’re not sure… basically if you want to discuss the topic of a capsule wardrobe in any capacity, we would love for you to linkup.

Sadly, though, I am barely able to write this post. I think the blog powers that be are trying to tell me something. First, I had a crapton of issues with my blog on the backend and now my laptop won’t start… so fun. I’m writing this on my Mom’s mac and it’s taking me three times as long because I am a complete idiot with macs. And I don’t have the pictures of my pieces because they are on my laptop that won’t start. Any recommendations on a laptop that won’t break the budget? It needs at least one (preferably two) USB ports and an SD card reader for the pictures. An HDMI port would be nice too, but not needed.

Back to the topic at hand. I am currently taking a break from switching over my closet from August to Fall (although I am leaving some summery pieces behind because of the 90 degree weather forecast all week). So I thought I would share with you how that is going and some pieces I am excited to see again.

When I created my August capsule, I followed Caroline’s  rule to completely empty out your closet (well, except I did it section by section, as in remove all sleeveless blouses, sort them, put them back, take out short sleeve, repeat). When I transitioned my closet to Fall, I removed all the August pieces except for the few that were making it to Fall, took them off the hangers, folded them, and piled them up. Then I took all the Fall pieces out of my storage bin, hung those up, and put the August pieces in the bin. When I went through my closet for August I made sure to put the rest of the pieces in seasonal piles so I could easily pull out one pile to put in the closet.

For Fall I’m excited for all the navy and patterns like gingham and plaid. I’m also excited to work on incorporating my green cargo vest more. I bought it last Fall and it has been severely underused. I’m hoping this year I’ll use it to switch up my small clothing selection.

Sorry for such a text heavy post! I was excited to post pictures of my favorite pieces, but we all know why I can’t. I’ll update everyone as soon as I’m able. Now it’s your turn to linkup! I can’t wait to read about where you all are at. And don’t forget to send over any laptop suggestions!


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Shoot Shooties

Does anyone have the Timehop App on their phone? It’s pretty cool: it access your social media and photos on your phone to show you what statuses you posted and pictures you took/posted a year ago. Some days it makes me laugh, some pretty sad at how pathetic things were, some I think oh I need to bring that outfit back, and sometimes I think man, I remember feeling so good about my outfit that day and it is not cute!

A year ago my body was about 20 pounds heavier and I was just coming to learn what my style was, thanks in part to this blog and reading all of your blogs. As I continue losing weight and working on being more mindful with my purchases I have come to really accept the fact that there are some styles that I’ll never be able to pull off (and I’m starting to wonder if my beloved pencil pants dream is one of them). One style I have known for a while just doesn’t work for me is peep-toe shoes. Weird, right? Anytime I have tried on peep-toe shoes they instantly hurt my feet. I have tried on so many different kinds, flats, boots, heels, wedges, and none of them work. Which is really a shame because I love how they transform an outfit.

So when I keep seeing these adorable boots (or shooties I think we’re supposed to call them?) pop up everywhere I get really jealous. I think they turn an outfit into a cool, chic, effortless look. But it’s okay that I can’t wear them because another style I just don’t jive with? Heels. It’s true. At 5’8″ I’m just more comfortable in flats, both because of my height (I seriously live in a pocket of short people) and the fact that they are just more comfortable for my back and knees.

So tromp on, my peep-toe-shootie wearing friends. I’m jealous.

Can you tell which ones are the most expensive?

One is $940, one $79.98, and one $34.99.
Left, Middle, Right

We’re officially official

The other night Ken and I were out to dinner (at Vault in Yardley, PA if you were curious) and we started talking about what our dating anniversary is. I never know if you’re supposed to make it your first date or the date you became official. If people even become official anymore. Well, we did, which I learned that night he was never sure of.

(we still suck at remembering to take pictures together)

We met sometime in the winter of 2013 when I went over my friend Brynn’s house before heading out downtown. Her boyfriend (now husband), Kevin, had just moved in and his friend, Ken, was over. Brynn was finishing dinner before we left so all four of us were sitting around the table chatting and when it came time to leave, I asked if they were coming. On my end, sparks didn’t fly. I have no idea what happened on his end but he has said he was interested but it was clear I wasn’t. Hahaha. I was a pretty different person then: I had been laid off a few months before, just started the job I have now, and transitioning to moving back home with my parents. I was pretty miserable, but trying to make the best of things. And I really was not in the right place to consider dating anyone so I really wasn’t looking at Ken that way. So I’m glad we didn’t start anything then because I’m rather positive I would have been an awful girlfriend (and now I’m an amazing girlfriend).

We saw each other off and on after that at various events at Brynn’s house. More so after he moved in (she rents out 3 bedrooms) sometime that summer. We always halfway flirted, but sparks still weren’t there for me. I knew Brynn and Kevin were pushing me to go out with him, but Ken didn’t make a move. Apparently he is a slow mover.

We hadn’t seen each other at all until New Years Eve when I was really really sick. I even brought my own box of tissues to the bar… pathetic. Ken later told me that he stopped liking me at one of Brynn’s picnics… I have no idea why and I really don’t want to know why because then I’ll get all self-conscious. My bet is it was a time I was acting kind of bitchy and snarky. Anyway, he apparently started liking me again that NYE. I have to say that bodes well for our future since I was seriously disgustingly sick that night. About a week later I went over Brynn’s for a game night and I supposedly threw myself at Ken. That’s what he likes to say since I sat down right next to him on the couch when there were tons of other seats available. I don’t deny this. We met a few times for drinks after that and went on what I consider our first official date on February 8.

This brings up another question: what do you consider your first date with someone?  I consider it February 8 because that was the first time we dressed nicely and he drove me to a nice place for dinner. The other times we met at a bar near me after work and just had drinks (and made out a little in the car… sssh). Once we agreed that the official first date was February 8 we then had to decide the anniversary date and I said it could be the night he very sweetly asked if I would be his girlfriend. And get this. He admitted he was always confused about that because I never answered.

Um, scuse me?

I surely did! He even repeated my “yes” back at me. So apparently he has gone around confused (not really, just my exaggeration) for the past 6 months. And so we officially became official on August 23.

Not really ;-) We still consider it to be February 26. And have agreed the anniversary date is February 8.

What do you consider your dating anniversary? Any confusion stories?


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