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Happy Holiday Weekend to you all, friends! Well, to you all American friends I suppose. I’m off to Maryland to watch fireworks from my Aunt’s boyfriend’s boat in Baltimore! I’ll leave you with some of these internet goodies I found this week!

This shirt hahahaha so true, so true.

What 1930 Thought Fashion Would Look Like in 2000… everything revolves around finding a man. “Ooooh swish!”

This cat, oh too much cuteness.

I’m kind of in love with these sandals but would never pay over $100 for them.

I went a little crazy shoe “shopping” on Amazon last night. I’ve never ordered clothes or shoes or anything like that from Amazon. I’m looking for new black flats and in the process of searching found myself falling in love with this gorgeous pink sandal. I don’t really wear heels so it seems silly to order them but I can’t help myself!

I love Jennie’s separates outfit for a wedding and those shoes… gimme those shoes!

I’m watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and recently (thanks to Chrystina!) discovered the Gilmore Guys podcast. The first few podcasts are really hard to get through because they are super unorganized and really just go on randomly. So since I’m on season 2 of the show I decided to skip ahead to season 2 of the podcast and the definitely got their act together while maintaining their original silly random charm. Definitely worth a listen. Here’s a fun article about them.

I’ve been sick all this week so if outfit posts are lagging next week that’s why. Hopefully I’ll catch up on Monday.

Happy Fourth of July/ Independence Day/ Will Smith! (cuz, you know, best movie ever).

Pin to Present: Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

A few weeks ago I had a tiny little surprise impromptu gathering (how do you like all of those adjectives?) for my friend I’ve known since elementary school. Keeping my simple and easy vibe in mind, I nixed my original grilling idea and decided on this even easier chicken caesar sandwiches. I found it by searching Pinterest for picnic & chicken.
Recipe and Image from Rachel Shultz

These ended up working out perfectly. I threw the chicken in the crockpot in the afternoon, did very minimal clean up around the house, prepared the mojito fruit salad, took pictures of the mojito fruit salad (doesn’t everyone?), and put the cushions out on the deck furniture. A few minutes before I anticipated the guest of honor arriving, I started shredding the chicken. My version turned out even simpler than the original because I was in no mood to grocery shop and was missing the parmesan cheese. Also, I’m just now realizing I added italian seasoning instead of parsley because I apparently read parsley as italian seasoning. They were still delicious. For anyone interested, I used Ken’s Creamy Caesar because that’s what we had.

Earlier in the day, as part of my minimal prep, I cut up tomatoes and onions and put them, along with lettuce from my Aunt’s garden in Maryland, on the same cutting board I used to cut. #fancy. In a basket I threw rolls from the grocer’s bakery section and served the chicken in the same bowl I tossed it in. Like I said, #fancy.

It worked out perfectly for the party. One of my girlfriend’s brought a pasta salad and another brought a green salad. Anyone who wanted a sandwich could assemble to their perfect customizations and anyone who wanted to eat the chicken with the green salad sans white carbs could do so too.

The chicken salad was so easy I went ahead and made it again the next day to have for lunch for the week. Okay, I also did it so I could take some photographs because I have all the sudden developed a desire to work on my food photography. Not bad for my second time, eh? My Mom said I could have used a better “backdrop” (as in the blue mat). I kind of agree.

The second time I added chopped celery and onion for a bit more crunch.

All in all, I give this recipe a hearty 4 out of 5 blueberry streusels (making up my own rating system). I subtracted one star because the chicken got pretty dry after it soaked in all the dressing. Easy fix, though, I just packed extra dressing on the side.

Is this a recipe you’d try? How would you customize it?

Link Up: Purple Gingham, Distressed Jeans, White Flats

I got these jeans a few months ago and always designated them as my play-time jeans. I felt weird wearing distressed jeans to work even though my office is pretty casual. But something about the warm weather and wanting looser, lighter clothing on made it alright to wear them to work. I reserve them for Fridays and on this day I wanted to tone down the Mom-look of the button down by pairing the outfit with my white flats. In the end, I think I’m kind of like a mullet. Mom on the top, party on the bottom.


Top: Loft Outlet. A slightly brighter purple option, a $19 option, a sleeveless raspberry option
Jeans: Loft (of course). This seasons version from Loft, a less distressed option, a lighter option
Belt: Target. A $1,790 option (because, why not?), a skinny option, a paler option.
Bracelet: Stella & Dot
Earrings: Stella & Dot. Silver option, gold option, mixed metal option.
Shoes: DSW. A perforated option, a rivet option, very similar to mine option.>


Loving Sarah’s summer trends post from last week’s link up. Especially the flamingo skirt!

Join the link up! Add any fashion post(s) and if you want to spread the love, link back to me!

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