Style Collab: Two Ways to Wear JCrew Factory Mini

So one day I’m reading my blogs like I normally do and I come across Kristina in the same exact skirt I had just purchased. And she was styling it just like I would! I instantly jumped on my email and sent her a quick message asking if she wanted to do a style post together. I thought, fat chance. But lucky for me she replied back and said she’d love to! And so I give you, Kristina and Jacquelyn do the JCrew Factory Mini Skirt.


It was pretty funny to see that we both styled it pretty similarly.


Top: Old Navy. Similar & Similar
Skirt: JCrew Factory. Similar & Similar
Shoes: DSW. Cute striped option & Similar




Go check out how Kristina styles it here!

P.S. If you see something on my blog you think would make a great collaboration, feel free to email me at !

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A few things before the blog gets a revamp

Hey friends, how’s your day going? Just popping in with a late post to tell you a few things. Ready?

1. I’m super excited for tomorrow’s post. I reached out to a blogger I love about a style collaboration and luckily she said yes!

2. #jjdailystylechallenge begins Friday, August 1! First, let’s all have a moment of silence for the end of July… thank you. Second, let’s all get super pumped for the challenge! I can’t tell you how happy I have been at the overwhelming support already so I put together a giveaway sponsored by moi for the end of this week. Every time you share the prompt graphic and use hashtag #jjdailystylechallenge is an entry for a chance to win a gorillapod. I also reached out to some shops to see if anyone would be willing to do a giveaway for you all and so far I’ve heard back from 1 shop with a resounding yes so if you’re a shop and you’d like to sponsor a week of the challenge, please let me know!
#jjdailystylechallenge August

3. People have requested I also turn #jjdailystylechallenge into a blog thing as well. Well, I won’t be doing that lol. Well, kind of. I want the focus of the challenge to really be on Instagram so that’s where everything that happens with the challenge will take place. However, I would love to talk about it here and give bloggers who don’t love to use Instagram for their blog a chance to join in so on Saturdays or Sundays (when I normally don’t post) there will be a linkup here for that. I won’t make a big deal of it, but I will probably share a collage of my own outfits from the week and a collage of my favorite outfits from the week. You can linkup your looks then too. Sound good? We’ll see how that goes for a bit.

4. Melyssa has been hard at work on a new blog design for justjacq and it is getting installed on Friday! I probably won’t post that day in case things get messed up so be sure to stop by and check out the new design. And if things are funky for a bit, that’s why ;-) PS Melyssa was a DREAM to work with so if you’re looking for a designer, I highly suggest her. Super professional and thorough.

5. Has anyone tried Blue Apron (<--- NOT an affiliate link)? I'm thinking of giving it a whirl for a fun weekend activity for Ken and I.

6. Every year my town holds a huge flea market that's really popular. This year I'm planning on selling a lot of stuff, including tons of clothes. So I am going to start really going through my closet and weeding things out. I'll be following Caroline’s advice on building a capsule wardrobe. Hopefully I’ll remember to snap photos along the way and share the process with you all here. Any advice?

Peace out.

Giant Zucchinis and Button Snaps

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Sorry for the no-show yesterday. I took the day off to get some things done and writing a blog post wasn’t one of them! The main things that took my up my time was working on my budget and getting my passport renewed. Tip: don’t wear white to take your passport photos! I thought white would be a nice blank canvas but because the background is white you end up looking like a floating head.

Last week I started physical therapy for my knee. I have a lateral menisucs tear sooo that’s fun. It’s not too bad but this knee has always been weak so I really wanted some physical therapy to strengthen it. Right now we’re working on strengthening my hips. Because I can’t run, squat, lunge, and the elliptical hurts (and really isn’t something I enjoy) I’ve turned to pilates and riding my bike. I don’t really love cycling at the gym but I have always loved riding my bike outside so that’s what I’m doing for cardio. I decided to focus on pilates because I really need to work on my core strength and it’s something I can do that (for the most part) doesn’t cause my knee pain. I’m following Blogilates beginner calendar. People often complain that she is way too peppy for them but I enjoy her. Her antics just make me laugh.

My parents were away all last week and actually don’t come back until tonight so I’ve been enjoying living the alone life. My parents house is a typical three bedroom colonial and it’s really way too big for one person. I get so spooked when I’m here alone because the house is actually pretty noisy so I turn the tv on in their bedroom when I go to sleep so anyone who might want to rob me thinks someone is in the house lol. Anyone else do anything like that??

I’ve been in charge of the garden this week and there was a bounty of cucumbers! And check out the giant zucchini!


Ken spent the weekend here which is a nice change from spending the weekend at his house. I let him sleep in because I’m a good girlfriend like that. Saturday we went to New Hope and walked around there and across the bridge in Lambertville. We had planned to drive to Washington Crossing then ride the 7 miles along the canal on our bikes to New Hope but the forecast called for thunderstorms on and off all day so I vetoed that plan. And of course it didn’t rain. He got two shirts from the 70′s at a vintage store that are back in style. Just basic plaid button downs but because they are from the 70′s they have snaps instead of buttons. The store had so many awesome pieces that we’re definitely planning on going back.

I was blown away by the support and response to my announcement of #jjdailystylechallenge! Yesterday I announced that I am doing a giveaway at the end of this week to thank everyone for sharing the prompt graphic. To enter you just have to share this photo and use #jjdailystylechallenge. I’ll announce the winner at the end of the week. You’ll be receiving a Gorillapod sent via Amazon. It’s a great way to take selfies with your iphone without having to do the awkward phone hold!

#jjdailystylechallenge August

I’m working on giveaways for the end of every week for you all! So far I have one shop signed up so if you’re a shop owner or know one who’d be interested in participating please let me know!