Banana Republic Sale Items!

Hey friends crazy busy with school right now so I’m sorry for disappearing this week! I wanted to pop in real quick to tell you Banana Republic is having an additional 50% off their sale items right now so that gorgeous black and white skirt we all loved from this post? $39.99!!!

Hint: to get the 50% off you have to click on “Extra 50% off Sale Styles….” and then click apply on the box that pops up. They’re sneaky.
Second Hint: some of the items are only on sale in certain size categories (as in petite, tall, or regular) so make sure you check that and that you’re ordering from the right category! Some of the items defaulted automatically to the petite category.

So I might have ordered a few things… sorry I don’t have time to include pictures in the post but I wanted to share what I ordered and what else I loved!

Pleated black faux leather midi skirt (wanting one for a long time!) $50! Oh and somehow I managed to order 3 of these and when I called only 10 minutes later to change it the order had already gone to the warehouse! I’ll just have to return them. Woops!
Berry pencil skirt (I fell in love with this color!) $49!
pleated watercolor skirt (the one mentioned above) $39.99!
– Two long necklaces. I’m really into long necklaces right now. This tassel one oh and another tassel one.

Ones I loved:
this pleated crepe skirt. Such a gorgeous shade but not in my size.
this floral midi skirt. I don’t think I have the right shoes for it.
this zigzag pleated midi. Only on sale in Petite! Make sure you check that because I almost ordered it full price!
this light pink full length pleated skirt. So romantic and feminine! But I’m not sure how/when I’d wear it and it isn’t in my size.

Go forth and shop! And tell me what you ordered. And try not to order 3 of the same item!

Shopsense V7

I’m a few weeks late posting March’s top ShopSense clicks, but hey better late than never right? Actually, I don’t believe in that. I hate being late.

It was fun to see that you all love these shoes as much as I did!

Focus On: Spring Skirts

When I was a wee one I refused to wear anything except skirts and dresses. In preschool, during the winter time, I steadfastly stuck to my no pants rule and the preschool teachers became alarmed. They went up to my young Mom and said “Jacquelyn is very cold when we go outside to play” and my Mom, who tried to fight me every morning, told them I refused to wear pants. So those wise preschool teachers told her to bring in a pair of sweats to leave at the school and they’d put them on me under my dress before going outside. Problem solved.

Fortunately I’m a bit more relaxed when it comes to my no pants rule these days but I still have a huge love affair for all things skirts. I really don’t need any spring clothes but if I happen to find a colorful skirt that I can wear for both work and play, I’m not going to hesitate to snap it up. I rounded up a few of my favorites here.

All under $75!

spring skirts @thejustjacq

Links to Shop
Left to Right
Pink Lace / Pink Flowers / Blue Plaid /
Yellow Lace / Pink Midi / Red Flowers / Black and White

I absolutely love the black and white one even though it doesn’t fit the colorful requirement. It’s such a classic pattern and would work well in all the seasons. Which is your favorite?

And some notable mentions…

Love this black and white stripe midi skirt and this fun yellow floral skirt is less floraly than the others. I love this green floral skirt from JCrew Factory but I’m not sure how many tops I have in my closet to pair with it.

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