Help me pick a backpack

Oh, hey there again. I hope you remember me. In case you don’t… this is kind of awkward… I’m Jacquelyn. I write this blog. You know, this blog that got a spanking new shiny design and then decided to just not work. Yeah, that blog.

I asked one of my super savvy virtual blog assistant clients to see if she could help me out. Cuz she’s super smart and all. And she seems to have gotten some things working again. The main issue is getting the posts to feed to Bloglovin’ again. I have no idea why that decided not to work anymore.

So anyway, I really don’t know if anyone is reading this since Bloglovin’ is my main traffic driver but I kind of missed writing and I need some extremely important help. So I’m here writing to no one and hoping I get some answers. Help a girl out and just leave a comment letting me know this is showing up in your feed please!

So I really want a cognac backpack. I know, super important. I have two I really love from Modcloth but I’m having trouble picking one. There is this one called Visualize Victory Backpack and this one called Welcome Backpack.

And while we’re looking at Modcloth (no, this post isn’t sponsored by them) how cute are these navy flats with a bow? I also really enjoy this pair of cute but simple black flats and this fun color.

Anything you’re loving from Modcloth right now?

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