Preparing for a Winter Capsule

I’m here I’m here. I know you all were like, where’s Jacquelyn and her crazy witty writing? We miss Jacquelyn. I didn’t go anywhere… I just had a lack of a writing bug so I didn’t force anything. You’ll thank me for that.

It might be crazy, or it might be just right, but I am already starting to think about my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. (oh, btw I decided to continue my capsule wardrobe.)

I followed a very loose version of the capsule wardrobe in that I didn’t have a number goal for how many pieces I’d be limiting myself to and I still don’t know how many pieces I have in my closet. I need a wardrobe that worked for both work and play with crossover pieces so I knew I wasn’t going to stick to a number like 37. When I was selecting my pieces I just kept adding and taking away until it felt right and my closet didn’t look stuffed. And I’m quite pleased with what I have.

I am paying attention to the pieces I’m wearing the most and the least. I knew my plaid and gingham button downs were going to be a big hit this fall but I was really surprised at my new found love for everything berry. Curating a closet for Fall really wasn’t difficult; I love the colors and style of Fall so selecting pieces came really easy. There are definitely things I wish I had in my closet, like more dresses, but I am working around that by wearing my skirts more than usual. I didn’t add any sweaters this season and I wish I had. I think shopping for sweaters when it was still 90+ degrees out wasn’t appealing so next year I think I’ll allow myself to shop midseason for those kinds of pieces.

And now for the Winter. I really have no direction. Fall I knew I wanted to include navy, burgundy (which turned out to be more berry), plaid/gingham, and boots. For Winter I know I’d like to have more sweaters, especially of the chunky knit variety. I’m thinking about not changing/adding too much from my Fall to Winter capsule and instead focusing on something that is always really hard for me to find. Boots.

I have wide calves. Really wide apparently. It’s really frustrating that most wide calf boots are a 15″ circumference. That’s not wide for me. I think my calves are about 18″ which is apparently astronomically wide. And so it is really hard for me to find good brown leather boots and I end up with cheap versions that fall apart right away. I know losing weight will reduce their size, but I recall being at one of my lowest weights in high school, around 120 lbs (I’m 5’8″), and still needing to get wide leg boots, just not astronomically wide. So this problem isn’t exactly going to go away for me. Which is why I wonder if it would be a good idea to focus on the boots, add them when I find them (whether it be fall or winter), and continue to work with the clothes I have in my closet and put aside in bins for Winter. What do you think of that idea? I think I’m going to have to bust out my credit card and start ordering a bunch of boots from Zappos (they make it really easy to shop for wide calf boots because you can filter different circumference sizes instead of just a general “wide calf” search).

But really, the search for boots is so incredibly frustrating that I don’t even want to try. And when it is nonstop snowing in January I’ll probably kick myself in the butt for not trying and having nothing besides actual snow boots to wear outside.

Okay, new plan for winter. Move somewhere it doesn’t snow. Who’s with me?

Are you doing a capsule wardrobe? How is your winter planning going? Or are you not crazy and you haven’t started?


Noteworthy is a collection of content worth reading and sharing. I’m always clicking away and being inspired by others and I love to pass along my finds to you.


I originally had this at the end but I really wanted to make sure you saw it… it’s just awesome.

On Blogging:

+ I’m pretty surprised at how many of my favorite bloggers, bloggers who are game-changers and money-makers (ps I first wrote monkey-makers hahaha), are still using Blogger as their platform. Time to get off, kids. First, I can’t read you at work so if you’ve noticed your numbers going down by 1 that’s why. Second, you do not own your content on Blogger. Ellie explains it better.

+ Jana shares 10 Ways to Grow Your Pinterest Following and I loved it. I already do so many of what she suggested, but it’s a helpful reminder to keep doing them!



On Fashion

+ Ashley mentions she never thought she’d wear mules again and it reminded me of those horrible American Eagle clogs everyone had in middle school: the flat, shapeless, brown ones. I saw a pair in Target the other day and almost reached for one and then remembered how uncomfortable they were for my feet. So I bought some Dr. Scholl’s inserts instead. hashtag old. Anyway, I love Ashley’s mules and her entire outfit here. I need a camel/tan blazer.

+ I’m sure you’re already reading Unfancy, but in case you aren’t Caroline shared her Fall pieces… I’m already thinking about my Winter pieces after having so much fun with my capsule wardrobe this season.

Dear Toronto,

You mark the second trip Ken and I have taken together and our first time using airbnb. We were lucky to have our first experience be an amazing one with a super clean, perfectly small 1 bedroom apartment in a highrise with amazing views of Lake Ontario and the CN Tower. So thanks for that.

Our trip started with my alarm going off at 5am and Ken muttering he wants to sleep 30 more minutes. We made it out the door and on the road at 6am with no hiccups, for which I am thankful. Actually, our whole drive to you was without any issues. We seemed to miss any sort of rush hour traffic in any city. We stopped around every 90 minutes for a tinkle and stretch and switched drivers around every 3 hours. We laughed in a grocery store parking lot in Binghamton as we ate our sandwiches out of the back of our rental car because everyone was giving us looks like “what are those crazy Canadians doing” because, ironically, our rental car was from your city.

Finally, around 2pm, we saw you and were so relieved to see our apartment was exactly as listed (PS if anyone is interested in exactly which apartment it was, it’s this one). We rested for a bit, I took a bath, and Ken made me laugh hysterically. You see, the bathroom had two doors. One to the hallway and one to the bedroom. Apparently he was only aware of the bedroom door and after coming in to “check up on me” (let’s be honest, he was really checking me out) he turned, saw the other door, asked about it, then stood and stared at it for about 20 seconds with his back to me. Then he turned and said “I think I’ll go out this way” and went through the newly discovered door. The retelling of this story isn’t as funny, Toronto, but I am still laughing about it.

After the hillarity, we went out to find some dinner. Here is where our second vacation fight happened. You might not know, but we had one in Brooklyn, and unlike Brooklyn, this one was mostly my fault. Let’s blame it on extreme exhaustion because that’s what we blamed it on. I overreacted and put us in a funk. #woops. But that didn’t make us bitter the next day, Brooklyn.

Saturday we went exploring and walked towards the CN Tower. We planned on going up, but the line for tickets was ridiculous so we started walking to the Distillery District. We knew the walk was around 2 miles but seriously, this was the longest 2 mile walk of our lives. By the time we got there we were desperate for liquid and food. We really enjoyed the Distillery District: it’s a pedestrian only area with restored buildings. Very quiant and really feels like we left your city. It was here that we confirmed there is a huge difference in customer service between the States and Canada. In the States, you are greeted and served immediately. Your server checks on you multiple times and your water glass is never empty… at least where we live. However in Canada you are not greeted right away, your drinks take forever, and if you want something you have to call out to your server and ask. Let me be clear, they were never once rude at all. It’s just not what we were used to. Many times I’d see our server looking right at us without coming over. Once we learned that we knew how to act.

It was also in the Distillery District that I realized Ken was trying with the pictures. I love to take pictures, Toronto. And I want pictures of us. I know Ken hates his picture being taken so I usually refrain from asking. But I realized there that if I asked he’d say sure pleasantly. Before it was always questioned. Now he just does it and he likes to look at them after. And I appreciate. I also realized he enjoys trying to photobomb pictures I’m taking of objects. I guess its his way of being in the picture without actually being in it. I told him he’d appreciate all the pictures I take in 10 years when he says “look kids, here is me in Toronto with this weird girl I dated who was always taking pictures.”

We walked back to our apartment taking our time with lots of detours. We stopped at a few random places that I can’t remember. We walked in to a random building and saw a photography exhibit so we checked that out. Following a tour for a few moments led us to a really cool bar with a fun band playing. We ended up sitting there for a few hours and loved it. The bar is called C’est What? Get it? French speakers will. After a few more hours of randomly walking around you Toronto we headed back to the apartment and crashed.


Random cool band in a random bar we stopped in because we decided to follow a random your group. #toronto #canada

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Sunday found us at the Royal Ontario Museum and taking a cab because neither one of us could face the 3 mile walk. He had twisted his ankle the week before and my knee was still bothering me. We explored that for a while, walked to find food, walked to find a bike share, decided we didn’t want to use it because it said it might put a $200 hold on your card (uuuuhhhhh), and took a cab back to our apartment. We ended this night pretty early because Ken wanted to watch football and we wanted to be rested for our early call time on Monday. Fortunately there was a Sobeys (pretty similar to Whole Foods) across the street with great prepared foods so we grabbed dinner from that and ate on the couch.

Monday Ken woke me up at 3:30. Seriously. Toronto, we saw you in the wee hours of the morning as we were on the road by 4 and crossed the border really early. I don’t think the sun came up until we were well in to New York. Home by noon, and Ken was at work by 1. I was in the tub by 1.

Toronto, thank you for hosting our second vacation and first planned vacation (Brooklyn was more on a whim). You made us want to try airbnb more and I’m realizing more and more how much more important experiences are than things. Sadly, I wasn’t too impressed with you. I really don’t know why and I’m pretty sure people think I’m crazy when I say it. I think I base my opinions on a city on whether or not I feel like I could live there and I definitely didn’t feel that way. Maybe we would have gotten a different experience if we did our whole running through the city thing, but like I said we were both injured. But we enjoyed you anyway. If you ever come to Philly, look me up Toronto.

Stay classy, Toronto.


Jacquelyn & Ken


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