Absorb words positively

I’m trying to think of a nice way to ease into this post, but I really can’t so I’m just going to jump right in to the situation and my revelation.

There is this woman I deal with on a somewhat regular basis, at least twice a month. Let’s call her Faye because Faye is a name that’s just not used often enough. Anyway, Faye seems like a nice person. I have absolutely nothing against Faye. She lives in an area that’s notorious for weird aloof personalities who think their business is more important than anyone else’s business. Not that Faye necessarily emotes those characteristics, but my friend described her as a fembot the other day and I thought that was pretty accurate.

Faye has always confused me. I can never tell if she is joking, if she is serious, if she is bad at saying something in a joking manner, or if she is just snarky. I really can’t tell if she likes me or not and she has squinty eyes that make it impossible to make accurate eye contact.

At a meeting the other night I was wearing my name tag and she commented on it saying “I never remember to wear mine.” I replied that as a newer member I just think it’s easier for me to wear mine so there aren’t any of those awkward moments where people are trying to remember my name and feel bad for asking. To which she replied “oh, if I know your name then everyone else definitely knows it.”

I truly do not remember my reply because I immediately decided to take her comment as “I don’t know many people so if I know your name I’m sure others do as well.” But because Faye is extremely confusing it could have very well been a dig on me. Maybe something about how I’m obnoxious or how I talk a lot, which I actually don’t in these particular meetings.

The point of my story about Faye is that I really surprised myself. Rather than replying sarcastically to match her possible sarcasm, I chose to absorb her comment in a positive way. And that’s when I realized that we chose how to take others’ words.

I could have easily decided to take Faye’s words in a negative manner and assume she doesn’t like me, but I didn’t. And she might have meant them negatively and she might not like me, but by taking them and reacting positively I kept my mindset positive and she might grow to like me if she doesn’t already.

I know I tend to use my sarcasm as a security blanket when I’m feeling insecure or self-conscious and maybe Faye does too. Maybe it’s the only way she knows how to break the ice. So I hope my positive reaction encourages her to continue reaching out to me, but in a positive way.

Does any of this make sense? Have you ever encountered a similar situation?

Office Style: white blouse, black crops & blue shoes

I realized yesterday that it’s been nearly a month since I showed you this look (actually just 2 days off from a month).

loft white blouse, ww black jeans, blue aldo flats4

Remember that one? It’s a casual look of a 2-part outfit “series” and then I failed to post the second part in a timely manner. Honestly, I blame the week of berry and navy.

Lucky for you (and I guess for me and my accountability) I haven’t forgotten about the office look. Let me preface this whole post by saying I feel kind of like a fraud for posting this as if it’s a ground breaking idea. It’s not, but I was pretty proud when I wore both outfits and only changed my pants and jewelry to make them appropriate for different situations. I thought, now Jacquelyn, that sure is a great way to maximize your capsule wardrobe. Other people might like to see that. And truthfully when I was creating a Pinteresty type graphic (cause we’re working on that, remember?) I kept trying to come up with a clever title and a clever tutorialesque wording for the graphic. All I managed was a bunch of plus signs and I hope it conveys how easy it really is to do.

office and casual style white blouse black bottoms

What do you think of that graphic? Do me a favor and pin it.

I understand that this blouse might not be considered casual for some. I wore it on a date night where I wanted to look nicer than usual but I certainly wouldn’t wear it to run errands or to a fall festival, mostly because I covet my white tops and don’t want to stain it.

loft white blouse, loft black ankle pants, blue aldo flats1

loft white blouse, loft black ankle pants, blue aldo flats5

Top: Loft
Bottoms: Loft
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Bracelet 1, 2, 3

I also hesitated to call it “office and casual” and I strayed from my original “day to night” idea because both of these looks work for both situations in my life. I can wear these black jeans to work and I can wear these crops out for a date. So call it whatever you want, but the graphic needed a title and I went with one.

loft white blouse, loft black ankle pants, blue aldo flats2

loft white blouse, loft black ankle pants, blue aldo flats4

loft white blouse, loft black ankle pants, blue aldo flats3

A secret about Pinterest graphics

Hi everyone. How’s your week going so far?

Listen, I just realized something life changing when it comes to blogging and Pinterest and I wanted to share it here.

Tell us, tell us!

Sure thing. Okay, before I go on I want to say that maybe some of you have already realized this. Or maybe you know it but don’t implement it. That’s cool. I’m glad you catch the trains faster than I do. You probably get a really good seat.

What train?

Here it goes. You know those posts you write and you want to include a Pinterest-worthy graphic or even just a graphic that you don’t really care if it gets on Pinterest? Or maybe you made a graphic you thought was pretty awesome but it’s not getting any movement on Pinterest.

No, my graphics are always perfect and included in every post.

Hopefully someone out there can relate. Well, guess what! You can go back and edit your post with a graphic. I know. MIND.BLOWN.

It’s true. Really. If you never created that graphic but you know your post would do so well on Pinterest with one, you can create one now, edit your post with the graphic, and then pin to your hearts content/ask others to pin it for you. Your old post will get some new love!

Or if you want to update your post with a better graphic, you can do that too. I swear! I challenge you to identify 3 posts you’re really proud of but that could use some Pinterest love and update them with a graphic/update the graphic. Then come back here and link to your shiny-gently-used post so I can pin it! For reals! Okay, now I gotta bounce and create some graphics.

Did she just say bounce?!
She also said for reals.

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