Pin to Present: Honey Mustard Chicken Stir Fry

Good morning! Today I have a pin to present dinner (or lunch) for you. I wanted to do a non-outfit pin to present this week and we had a giant zucchini from the garden needing to be cooked so I searched on Pinterest for a new sauteing recipe.
(interested in an outfit pin to present? Here is chambray with a pink pencil skirt, a striped top with a coral patterned skirt, and a striped top with a teal pencil skirt!)


Image from FoodFaithFitness
Recipe from Whole Yum

I’m still working on my food photography so I apologize. Despite the lackluster photos, this dinner was incredibly easy and tasty. Her recipe doesn’t say how many it serves (or I just missed that detail) but I knew I was cooking double the amount of chicken and vegetables so I doubled the marinade too and it turned out fine. My meal includes zucchini, patty pan squash, and green beans because that’s what my garden gave me.

What have you been making lately? Lucky for you all Anne was kind enough to volunteer to write a pin to present post and I believe it will be recipe! Linking up on Anne’s blog today!

Linkup: Black Blazer, Striped Tank, Grey Jeans, Purple Heels

Remember in my outfit posts survey I asked you what kind of information you like to receive with the outfit? How I came up with it, my inspiration, where you can wear it, and a story behind the outfit were all pretty popular suggestions.

This time I have two stories for you. Story one: I saw these heels at Nordstrom Rack, walked around in them for a while, then put them back because I don’t wear heels often and they didn’t seem like a practical purchase. A few weeks later I returned to Nordstrom Rack with my Mom and much to my surprise, the heels were still there in pretty much the same spot. I showed her them and she convinced me to buy them. She said it goes with so much in my closet, fits my style, and purple is a neutral in our world. What really set these heels over the top is that they aren’t sky high. I don’t feel like a giant, they are a manageable (as in walkable) height, and are pretty comfortable. I still feel a bit like a baby deer when I wear heels, but I’m sure this pair will have me practicing a whole lot more.

Blazer: Stitch Fix. Ponte knit from Target, tan option, relaxed collar option
Top: Loft. Fun hem, gray and white, shorter length
Jeans: Loft. A brand I hear good things about, pull-on style, distressed
Belt: Target
Earrings: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox (code JacquelynBFF1 gets you your first month free)
Bracelets: Gift
Heels: Ivanka Trump (because they are from Nordstrom Rack I’m unable to find the exact pair online. I’ll link to similar ones). Same brand very similar leather options, very similar same brand two suede color options, similar color and heel height

Story two: The weekend before I wore this outfit I saw Trainwreck and really loved Amy Schumer’s ponytails in the movie. I’m not kidding. I really appreciated how real her hair, makeup and most of her outfits were in the movie which is pretty true to Amy Schumer in general: she’s very real. I’m trying to vary my second day hair (usually its a bun) so I thought I’d attempt to make a nicer looking ponytail a la Amy. And I love it. It’s weird how much a little effort in your ponytail will make you love the most simplest of simple hair styles. Curious what I did? Sprayed dry shampoo allllll over my head. More than normal. Then I teased the front of my hair in multiple sections. I have a hard time teasing my hair but then I purchased this boar teaser and it’s made all the difference. Next I lightly pulled my hair back and used a strong, thick (hehe) hair tie so it would stay put. Finally I wrapped a section of hair around the pony to polish it. There were quite a few bobby pins in my head to trap fly aways so by the end of the day my head was killing me.


So what do you think? Is my ponytail the bomb dot com?

Thank you to those who have been joining the link up! Last week I loved Chelcey’s simple summer look and how she paired the necklace, dress, and hat together!

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Book Club: Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Anyone out there reading Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project?

better than before
Image from Amazon

I thought it would be fun to do a book club on Better than Before. 1) Because who doesn’t love a good book club, even a virtual one? and 2) Because accountability is one of the keys to forming a habit (or pillars of habits as she calls them).

So here is what I’m thinking. I’ll host the link up and you all can add your posts so we can read and comment on your thoughts. #judgementfreezone

Here is a tentative schedule. I’ll post the link up and my post on Fridays but you can write your post any day that week and add it in. Here are three dates and topic suggestions. I’ll add on seeing how the progress goes! So will you be joining in?

8/7: Write about which tendency you are. Ideas: Did you have trouble deciding? What stood out to you about your tendency that was definitely you? What do you like/dislike about your tendency? Have you identified the tendencies of other people in your life? What parts of your tendency as described by Rubin are not quite you? (Need help? She has a quiz on her website on the sidebar to help you!)

8/14: A habit you want to work on and how your tendency comes into play. Lets pick a habit you want to work on first (or second, we really won’t know). Why this habit? Why is it important to you? Do you plan to scaffold on the habit so that it inspires other changes? How will your tendency help or hinder you? What’s your plan of attack for that help/hindrance?

8/21: Update us on your habit! Have you done any work on it? Time to talk pillars of habits. Do you know any that totally work for you or that don’t really affect you? What pillar will you implement first? If it’s accountability let us know if you want help! Have you put any into place?

You can download a handy chart for organizing your habit (it’s the last one on the list) from Rubin’s website.

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