Capsule: Black and white dot button down, tan cardigan, black trousers, leopard flats

This season I find myself all about black and white, a color combination I resisted for a long time. It always felt way too normal, too basic, too plain for me because I love color. I realized as I was packing for my Unfancy trip that I have 3 black and white tops and I had bought a black and white striped sweater but ended up returning it. I’m loving how easy it is to pair any color with black and white and how put together I look no matter how I wear it. On Unfancy you’ll find another way I’m wearing a black and white top with tan.

tan cardi, white black dot button, black trousers, brown belt, leopard flats, collage1

1tan cardi, white black dot button, black trousers, brown belt, leopard flats, red scarf9

tan cardi, white black dot button, black trousers, brown belt, leopard flats, collage2

And for added warmth, since I’m the “cold weather girl”, and color I added this scarf that I DIYed. Blanket scarves are way too expensive for me so I followed a tutorial from Riva La Diva… no sew super easy!

tan cardi, white black dot button, black trousers, brown belt, leopard flats, plaid scarf collage1

1tan cardi, white black dot button, black trousers, brown belt, leopard flats, red scarf11

tan cardi, white black dot button, black trousers, brown belt, leopard flats, plaid scarf collage2


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Chambray, Black Mini Skirt, Black Booties

chambray button down, black mini, black booties, @thejustjacq 11

chambray button down, black mini, black booties, @thejustjacq 9

At some point I was on my A-game with taking photos and uploading them right to my blog so that they’d be there ready for me to write a post. That system clearly did not work for me because this is a photo taken I believe sometime in October that I never posted. I did, however, include it in a fall capsule round up post.

I waffled for a bit about whether or not to post it in the winter because I clearly can’t go bare legs anymore and I haven’t worn this particular outfit yet this winter. Alllll about transparency here. But guess what? All of these pieces are in my winter capsule too so technically, technically, I believe it works. I’ll just add tights.

chambray button down, black mini, black booties, @thejustjacq 10

Remember, Tuesday 1/27 is the first outfit roundup for the winter capsule linkup with me and Anne!

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Fall Heavy Hitters

I started full on with my capsule wardrobe life in the fall and I had a few heavy hitters that I relied on heavily. There were some that without a doubt I knew would be overly worn, but there were a few surprise pieces too! As I started to think about my winter capsule I knew I wanted to carry over a lot of my pieces to limit my spending and because I still wasn’t sick of them. Reflecting on my most worn pieces has also helped me define my winter capsule because it allows me to see what worked and what didn’t. I though I’d share my thoughts on a few key pieces with you all today!

PS even though some of these were my most worn pieces they didn’t always make it on the blog a lot. I tried to vary what pieces I was showing.


Teal Pencil Skirt

teal skirt, chambray, leopard flats 4

One of the items I wanted to add to my closet in the fall was a colored pencil skirt. I snagged this Halogen one during Nordstrom’s sale and never looked back. It was a huge surprise how often I found myself reaching for it. Originally I was searching for a purple or burgundy skirt because I thought it would work better with my style. When I realized how many times I had to tell myself not to wear the teal skirt again I was shocked at how seamlessly (haha, seams) it fit into my closet. I’m still searching for a burgundy bottom, this time in pant form. But the success of teal has taught me to be open to other colored bottoms! Pictured post, with a white blouse, with a denim jacket.

Navy Pencil Skirt

leopard floral blouse, navy cardigan, navy pencil skirt, brown flats, gold belt 8

I have been searching for a good navy skirt for years and I ended up finding it in Target of all places. It was totally on a whim. I saw it hanging there, thought no way would Target skirts fit my butt, decided to test the waters and it fit perfectly. The teal skirt taught me to be open to new colors and this Target pencil skirt taught me to be open to new stores! Full confession time: this skirt is a size bigger than I would typically buy in other skirts. So while it does fit me perfectly, it fits me perfectly in a size I don’t normally buy. That’s one of my biggest shopping tips: don’t always try on your “normal” size. Take a few sizes and cuts in the dressing room (or add to your online order) with you! Pictured post, with a berry top, with a cardigan.

Black Ankle Pants

green sweater, jcrew plaid, black crops, black heels4

I have a ton of different skirts, dresses, and tops but when it comes to pants I normally have about 2 of each kind. I have one pair of black trousers, one blue jean, and one black jean. Adding a pair of pencil pants was a huge goal of mine, but I quickly realized pencil pants don’t work for me. They tend to be cut really straight and tight, something which does not work for me. I changed my search to find straight cut pants either ankle length or full length that I could get hemmed. I found these straight ankle pants from my favorite pant store, Loft. I ended up wearing these more than my black trousers in the fall. They work perfectly with layered looks and look great with flats! Pictured post, with blue flats.


2014-10-1 jcrewfactory berry vest, white navy target stripe top, navy mini skirt, white sperrys4

Growing up one of my friends wore a vest as outerwear pretty much everyday and I always thought she was crazy because how was she not cold? This year I realized fall is the perfect time for a vest like this because sometimes you need a little extra warmth but a full sleeve coat would just be way too much. So I bought this vest for that purpose but wasn’t quite sure if I’d actually wear it. I can now report I wore it pretty much everyday in the fall. Some days as purely an overcoat but other days I wore it intentionally in an outfit. When the weather was really in between the above look was my favorite way to wear it. Pictured post, with a button up.

Plaid button up

green sweater, jcrew plaid, black crops, black heels3

Yup, same outfit as above. Somehow this plaid button up I’m wearing underneath never made it on to the blog in all it’s glory despite the fact that it was hands down my most worn piece in the fall. Because I wore it so much I must have always thought that I had pictures of it so I didn’t photograph myself on those days. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.


What were some surprises in your closet? Any pieces you’ve had for years that you never thought you’d wear?

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