Dear Brooklyn,

Ken and I visited you this weekend and had a blast; it was my second time in Williamsburg and his first. You did not disappoint. Your weather was absolutely gorgeous, your people are some of the best to watch, and there were more than enough bars with awesome food to satisfy our needs. We arrived later than we’d planned on Friday because your roads have some serious traffic issues. But that’s okay.

We still managed to walk a few blocks to get something to eat and drink. I had an amazing chipotle pork quesadilla at a really cute restaurant Calexico. We also drank some odd beers at Torst. I’m a bum and like to sleep so I dragged Ken home early and promptly crashed.

Saturday we woke up and went to Harefield Road for brunch. My brother’s girlfriend left us a nice printout of a map that she labeled with things we thought she’d like. Harefield Road she marked as best brunch and I’m glad she did. For $12 you get coffee or tea, mimosa or bloody mary, and your entree. I had the eggs benedict and Ken had an omelette because that’s all he ever eats. Apparently we should have tried the huevos rancheros so I’ll just have to go back some time. We also went here later in the night but that was a less pleasant experience…

After our brunch we walked around and explored more of your great neighborhood. We ended up at a park where we saw one of Brookyn’s finest arguing with a park ranger about his dog. We later discovered that guy lives across the street from my brother and watched as his big butt took up the entire stoop which he refused to move for the pizza delivery guy, yelled at random strangers walking by, threw his soda bottle down the sidewalk, and donned a mask to freak people out. Classy. At the park I discovered the newest fitness craze I’m going to bring to America: swinging. Go ahead, try swinging on some swings and tell me your abs aren’t working. Ken did some pull ups in the adult fitness area, but he said I wasn’t allowed to post the video I took. Party pooper.

We headed home and got changed into our running gear and set out to explore your streets with our sneaks. It ended up being about 3 miles and over an hour of walking and running down to the water, checking out the sights, and heading back. It’s our favorite way to explore a new place together and even though he runs way faster than me, he’s my favorite running partner; I just catch up to him a few minutes later. Thanks, Brooklyn, for some awesome running.

After showering we went out for more food and drinks starting with your Brooklyn Brewery. We had a beer and watched a random fluffy dog run around the open area. Ken made me check in on facebook and I look a little crazy. #badangle After this the night gets fuzzy. We went to too many places for me to remember and at some point we fought and the night was over for me. Hey, it happens right? Someone is having a little too much fun and someone else has zero patience for that kind of fun so… well someone learned their lesson. By the next afternoon zero-patience-someone was over it and too-much-fun-someone felt bad. During this whole too much fun episode is when we ended up back at our brunch spot. We also went to Milk Bar, which is where the whole nasty incident started actually. But don’t let that stop anyone from going to Milk Bar and getting a slice of crack pie. I certainly don’t think less of you, Brooklyn, for hosting our worst fight to date… and only like our third fight ever.

Our last morning with you I slept till noon, which I normally don’t do, but it’s a good thing I did or someone would still be mad at someone. Okay, enough with the someone’s. Ken had to work Sunday night so we packed up, grabbed breakfast, and sat on 278 for an hour. Brooklyn, please fix 278.

All in all, dear Brooklyn, we enjoyed you very much and wish we could go back this weekend. We left with full hearts, sore feet, and tons of memories of our first trip together. We’ll definitely be coming back to say hey sometime soon.

Stay classy, Brooklyn.

Jacquelyn & Ken

Letters V1


Dear Stitchfix: I’m sorry, but this month just wasn’t a winner for me. I’m a tad disappointed and I’ve cancelled our relationship until further notice. Besides, I’m not buying clothes anymore since I’m doing that whole capsule wardrobe thing. Idk, maybe it’s me and not you. Maybe I just don’t have the right body for your clothes. Or maybe it’s you.

Dear Grandma: I cried the other night, I miss you so much. It felt good to cry, but it didn’t make me miss you any less. I know this Christmas is going to be really hard for everyone. Remember that time you put all the money for all the grandkids in my Christmas card? I thought I was extra special that year! Turns out I wasn’t.

Dear Sean & Andrea: Thank you for going to Europe for 2 weeks so Ken and I can stay in your apartment this weekend. Nothing beats a free place to stay in a fun city like New York. We promise not to ruin anything.

Dear Friends: I’m hoping to find some fun postcards on my trips this year, would you like one? I think it’d be super fun to start sending people postcards when I go somewhere. So nostalgic.

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the quick 4 question survey so far! The responses are really interesting. And don’t forget, if you want to receive exclusive posts to your email, sign up here. This week it’s all about struggling with certain purchases.

Berry T and Navy Skirt

Good morning friends, how is everything going for you? I am so super pumped for the rest of my week. Tonight I’m having dinner with my Junior League friends before our meeting. I am so lucky that these women were in my provisional group. Friday Ken and I leave for Brooklyn where we’ll be all weekend. Hopefully I can get him to be behind the camera a lot so we can get some awesome pictures. What do you have going on this weekend?

Okay, let’s talk navy. Navy pencil skirts to be exact. For a few years I have been wanting a navy pencil skirt but it was never high on my priority list because, honestly, I struggled what shoes to wear with it! I know I wouldn’t want to wear black unless my top my was black (and I probably wouldn’t wear a black top with a navy skirt anyway). I don’t really wear heels so nude heels are out. I do have some nude flats I love and I am slowly building back up my flat collection. I actually just bought these two pairs (same shoe in leopard and brown) yesterday and both would go great with my navy skirt.

If you remember from this post I told you all about this skirt and how I loved it. Well I don’t and I’m returning it. Something about it is just off for me. I think I feel to vavavoom in it, which is easy to do with my curves. I think it just took it too over the top for me.

I was in Target the other day looking for this shirt (in berry and sour cream… weird name) and I meandered back to their work wear section because a camel blazer caught my eye (ended up not getting it; I’m not ready to spend $35 on a Target blazer) and I saw this navy skirt. I have never tried on pencil skirts from Target; I just figure they won’t work. But I grabbed it since I was going to the fitting room anyway, and what do you know? It fit wonderfully! And was cheaper than my Loft skirt. My only complaint is that I wish it were more blue.

I was so pleased with both purchases I decided to pair them together. I’m not too crazy about the shoes, but I didn’t have my new ones yet!

berry long sleeve, navy skirt, gray flats1

Top: Target
Skirt: Target
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Old! similar one, two, three

berry long sleeve, navy skirt, gray flats3

berry long sleeve, navy skirt, gray flats6

berry long sleeve, navy skirt, gray flats7

berry long sleeve, navy skirt, gray flats10

berry long sleeve, navy skirt, gray flats8

I had some admirers while I was photographing. These two stopped and stared at me the entire time I was photographing. Can you spot my friends?


Are you in the middle of a capsule wardrobe challenge? This two pieces are new to my capsule and I’m so glad I added them. How is your capsule going? How are transitioning into fall?

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the quick 4 question survey so far! The responses are really interesting. And don’t forget, if you want to receive exclusive posts to your email, sign up here. This week it’s all about struggling with certain purchases.



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