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Happy Friday! If you were on Thor’s way yesterday how much snow did you get? I think we got about 9 inches of snow… in March.

A friend asked me to help her find a nice pair of nude flats for work and another pair to wear out. She wants to have two separate pairs so her work option don’t get ruined after a hard night of partying. My nude work flats were a staple item I wanted to last a while so I was willing to spend a bit more on them than I normally would on shoes. The most expensive pair here is $120 and I think the least expensive is $22. All are great options that I recommended to my friend and would also buy myself. Before I get into that, I wanted to provide a link to the leopard flats I was wearing in yesterday’s post┬ábecause the link I provided was sending you to the right style, but without leopard available.

nude flats from @thejustjacq
One / Two / Three
(realizing I should probably take some photos of the nude flats with pants)

I’ve always really liked the slipper shoe look and this pair from Topshop with a cutout design is a fun look for Spring. And here is another pair from Topshop at only $22!

Ankle straps don’t really work too well for me, but if you have normal sized ankles then this shiny leather ankle strap flat might be just the shoe for you! Did I sound enough like a salesperson there?

The gems on this shoe really add a fun fancy vibe to a simple nude flat. They might be a bit much for work, but they’d be great for night’s out!

If you aren’t into pointed toes, here is a nice pair of shiny leather rounded toe flats from Nine West. Another great option is this Kate Spade pair that has a little toe jewel.

Sam Edelman makes a great shoe so I feel pretty comfortable recommending this pair as a quality pair that will last you a while. It’s suede which does make it difficult to wear in nasty weather, but it’s sold out of Piperlime which means you can use your Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Athelta rewards.

Beige Blazer, Navy and White Top, Jeans, Leopard Flats

beige white blazer, target white navy top, loft jeans, leopard flats1

beige white blazer, target white navy top, loft jeans, leopard flats2

Notice something unusual about these photos? Yup, no snow on the ground. These photos were taken in the Fall when I did my big week of berry and navy. That week was so photo heavy I completely forgot I had taken these photos and the set from this post. Kind of nice to have them now that the weather is so crappy!

I really enjoy the double stripes going on in this outfit and the additional pattern in the leopard shoes. I searched for a really long time until I found a pair of leopard pointed toe flats that I was happy with so I thought some of you might be searching too. I rounded up a few of my favorites for you! They’re all under $75 because I would not spend more than that.

I love this pair from Express because 1) most malls have an Express; 2) they’re $39.90; 3) you can return online orders in store; and 4) Express is having another one of their “spend this much, get this much off” so you can pair this purchase with one of my beloved Portofino shirts (I suggest this one) and get $10 off… plus those shirts are Buy one Get one 50% off so… really you should buy a few.

I’ve been thinking I need to add some mules back into my shoe collection and this leopard mule shoe from Aldo, via Asos, might just be that addition. They are easy to throw on and fun in the warmer weather. I definitely wouldn’t suggest wearing them in the snow…

The D’orsay style is another fun one but for some reason I just can’t get them to work that well on my feet. I have two pairs, same shoe different colors, from Aldo that I love but so far they are the only ones that work! I found a D’orsay style in leopard that, at only $21, could be really fabulous or really poorly made. Either way, they’re fun! I might try this Dr. Scholl’s version as the Doc makes a good pair of comfortable shoes and I really like the buckle across the front!

One way to kind of tone down the leopard and make what’s peeking out from under your pants a bit more understated is this black capped toe leopard shoe. Something about the black leather cap on the toe makes it seem more sophisticated and professional to me.

Or you could go the complete opposite with this nude pair that has a leopard capped toe. I might like these better.

And in case you were interested, this is the shoe I am wearing. I also have them in plain brown leather and they are both my go-to walking shoes when I still want to look good. Word of warning: they really soak up that stinky feet thing that happens with not wearing socks :-/

beige white blazer, target white navy top, loft jeans, leopard flats4

beige white blazer, target white navy top, loft jeans, leopard flats3

Blazer: Olivia Moon via Nordstrom (similar)
Top: Target (only $10.20!)
Jeans: Loft (similar) the jeans I’m wearing were originally bootcut and I had them altered to be straight
Shoes: Dr. Scholls via DSW
Necklace: ridiculously old (similar)
Bracelet: Stella & Dot


white navy stripe t, tan cardi, teal skirt, nude flats verticle 2 collage
(original outfit post: thank you for all the sweet comments!)

Some of you may have seen my post on Unfancy this week where I said my boyfriend and I broke up. It seemed right to mention it here since my last Currently post said I was looking forward to celebrating one year with him. Well we celebrated it, and it was a great celebration, and then the following week he ended it. That’s all I’ll say on the matter but suffice it to say it came as quite a shock.

dreaming: of warmer weather… aren’t we all? I know I should be working on my spring capsule wardrobe but it is seriously really difficult to think about what I’ll wear in warmer weather when I’m preparing for 4-8 inches of snow tonight. I have done a bit of scouting and I’m really liking this simple lace hem tee, this sheer striped cardigan, this striped tee dress, this pineapple button down, and this floral sleeveless top.

planning: a trip out west to see Kaara! My trip to Austin where I shared a hotel room with a stranger and worked with another stranger gave me the confidence to finally go meet Kaara! I’ve been stalking airfare like a mad woman and we’re thinking end of April!

making: I’ve been on a crafting train for a bit so I made a gift for a friend. I won’t show it here because she hasn’t seen it yet! I also bought the supplies to make these cool photo holders and I can’t wait to do it! Maybe that will be tomorrow’s snow day activity.

baking: I haven’t done much baking lately much to the annoyance of my Mother who asks me to “make us something yummy” almost every night. I have been itching to bake something different than chocolate chip cookies and brownies and I was thinking these looked pretty yummy.

watching: well, if we could only get our wireless internet figured out I’d be watching tons of The Fall, a Netflix original.

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